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When things went wrong

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WHEN THINGS WENT WRONG It was just another sleepover. I was at my best friends house for the night like every Friday night, we watching "I am Legend" starring Will Smith our favourite actor while we were eating sweet popcorn, our favourite treat. After that we went upstairs to talk about our favourite things: boys, friends and family. We drank our hot chocolate with tiny marshmallows and as usual we spilt a little on the covers while we were laughing. As it got later, we went under the covers eating crisps and leaving crumbs under the covers, they bother me so much but my friend, Fiamma, never seems to mind them. In the morning, we woke up at about 11.30 but even though it was late we stayed under the warm covers talking. When we finally got out of bed I forgot that I didn't finish my hot chocolate from the night before, as I reached to get it I accidentally spilt it on her beige carpet next to her blue nail varnish stain. ...read more.


So, she called her older brother, he always used to wind her up when they were small so she thought that he would come up with a good idea. And he did, unfortunately for me. I say "unfortunately" for me because her brother is well known for his amazing practical jokes. As I was at the train station I received a weird massage on my phone from a friend "OMG I can't believe you did that!". I didn't understand what she was talking about; I thought that she must have sent it to the wrong number so I just ignored it. After 5 minutes I received another message from another friend saying "why did you do that? It was so beautiful", I was really confused so I tried to call her up but I had no more credit on my phone. When I got on the train I got other messages "I feel bad for you, you must have done it for a good reason", "I hope it's not true", "ha-ha you must look so funny now" etc. ...read more.


And then I realized that the only person that didn't say anything was Fiamma. I called her up and she answered laughing her head off! She was laughing so much and in a funny way that I must say that it did cheer me up a bit and it made me smile. She confessed everything straight away with out me even asking her, we laughed about it together and I said that I wasn't upset because she was just having a bit of fun. But I was secretly waiting for her to leave her account on next time, so I could have the last laugh! 3b - When things went wrong P1: Around her house chatting to friends then leave in the morning to go home P2: She realises that I have left my facebook account on and starts to think about a practical joke P3: Get messages from friends, I start to wonder what is going on P4: Call friend at home ask what has happened, she tells me to go on facebook. I turn on my pc and get shocked, embarrassed and switch it back P5: Call Fiamma up, we end up having a laugh, though I was angry. Secretly waiting for her to leave her account on ...read more.

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