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When Tybalt arrives the tone changes from a fun and cheerful atmosphere, to a more sinister atmosphere

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Romeo and Juliet Essay Romeo and Juliet, written in 1594 by William Shakespeare, is about 'a pair of star-cross'd lovers' who fight the ongoing disagreement their families have, in attempts to be together. It is believed that Shakespeare heard about a vendetta between two families in the 13th century, which gave him the idea to write the play. Romeo, of the Montague house and Juliet of the Capulet house, had no control over their love because of the two different families. They cannot escape fate, as their destiny is written in the stars, and this is what causes their 'misadventured piteous overthrows.' It is only because of their deaths that the families come together, as they realise that this is the consequence of their continuous conflict. Mercutio winds Benvolio up, saying that Benvolio is always looking for a fight, when actually it is true to him. "Thou art like one of these fellows that, when he enters the confines of a tavern, claps me his sword..." He uses word play to build low level tension between Benvolio and himself. The name Benvolio is taken from the word benevolent, which means kind and gentle, proving that what Mercutio is saying is not about Benvolio. ...read more.


Tybalt insults Romeo's masculinity and takes absolute control over him, telling him what to do. Romeo responds to Tybalt in the way he does because he has just been married to Juliet and is filled with the sensation of love. This comes through in his words, as he speaks the language o love. This is in contrast to that of Tybalt's and Mercutio's, which is of hatred and conflict. "Thou art a villain", Tybalt's speeches are short, sharp and definite, whereas "The reason that I have to love thee", and "Good Capulet" are soft and of love for those who where once enemies. The tension and conflict builds even more now as Romeo excuses Tybalt's foul mouth, and forgives him. Romeo has a reason to love Tybalt because of his marriage to Juliet, and that is more important than a fight. He is almost patronising Tybalt, as he says Tybalt does not know him, and so, they cannot fight, he does not want to fight. Romeo's choice of words enrages Tybalt because he thinks Romeo is making fun of wanting to be friends. The way Romeo speaks also angers Mercutio because he desperately wants him to fight Tybalt, but Romeo won't because of the way he is feeling. ...read more.


At first he does not realise that it was his intervention that gave Tybalt the opportunity to wound Mercutio. He believes that he was doing the right thing by trying to stop the fight physically, and truly cannot come to terms with the outcome. Romeo is in complete disbelief over the actions that just occurred. As soon as Benvolio tells Romeo about Mercutio's death, Romeo's language and mood change drastically. He uses the rhyming couplet, "This day's black fate on more days both depend; this but begins the woe others most end" to show finality. He has decided to fight Tybalt himself until one of them or both of them die. He seems this is the only way he can express the hatred he inflicts on himself. In conclusion this scene is built up o conflicts, and consists of the main events within the play. It is when Romeo and Juliet have just got married, Mercutio gets killed during a fight with Tybalt, then Romeo kills Tybalt in revenge for killing his best friend, and the prince banishes him. This is the pivotal scene of the play and is far the most important scene to the play as a whole. The play would not be as it is without this scene because Romeo and Juliet is not a love story, and so needs this to fulfil it's title as a tragedy. ...read more.

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