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Where are you, Dad?

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Where are you, Dad? My throat felt as dry as powder. I could hear my heart beating wildly. I was looking everywhere, trying to locate him. My dad was missing. I was holding my mum's hand. I could see that she was searching for my dad too. Beside me, was my older sister. Her eyes were full of panic. The train station was quite dark. There were a lot of wet footprints on the ground. The rain continued to pound outside. It had not rained for a while. There was a repulsive smell in the air. I was not sure what it was or where it was from. He was lost in the rain and the dark. I felt lost too. Where is he? Why is he not here? A thousand questions raced through my head. We were going to get on a crowded train from the King's Cross underground station to Euston station in London. Only my dad could enter before the door automatically shut. ...read more.


None of us could track him down. I began to get worried I would never find him. My heart was still pounding. I felt a bit dizzy by all the searching. For a second or two, I felt like I might collapse. I had to get a grip of myself. None of us knew where he was. We suspected he must have gone back to King's Cross to look for us. While we were waiting for another train to come, I examined the area. The station was not very different from King's Cross. The big difference was the amount of people. Without counting, one could tell there were fewer people there. I kept looking at my watch to see the time. It was nearly midday. The train turned up about a minute later. Again, it seemed to take ages for it to stop. Minutes later, we were back at King's Cross. There was no sign of him. I was becoming very emotional. Tears started building up in my eyes. ...read more.


I could barely see him. My sister and my mum had not seen him yet. They were still searching for him. I tried shouting out to them. I was so relived to see him that I could not speak. Two seconds later, I saw that they had noticed my dad too. I started running with joy. I gave him a hug while the others were still catching up. I was so delighted to see him again. The time was 12.45 pm. What a day it had been. A simple family day trip to London had turned out to be chaos and bedlam. It did not matter though. What did matter was that we were reunited again. It felt so good to have my dad by my side again. The day's mishap made me think - what if my parents weren't here anymore. How would I feel? I remembered what my mum had told me - think about all the children around the world who do not have any parents or guardians to look after them. I should be thankful to God that He gave me and my sister a shelter and a caring family to look after us. ?? ?? ?? ?? Rafiul Anwar 10C8 1 ...read more.

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