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Where Are You. The little boy remained glued to the window, refusing to believe she had forgotten about him.

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´╗┐Where are you? By Roshan Selvaratnam The room was an abyss of loneliness. It?s once vibrant interior was exchanged for blankets of cobwebs and mountains of thick dust. The flamboyant walls that used to ring with radiance and the French windows that dazzled the room like light reflecting on the surface of a diamond, now resonated a deathly tune. The sounds of violent winds echoed against the void walls and the threatening darkness stripped away any form of life. Yet in the far corner of the vacuous room, a little boy stood beside the towering opaque window. His tiny hands pressed heavily against the glass pane, his wide eyes glowed like the headlights of an incoming train, searching desperately for her. As his gaze ventured into the night, the shrill sound of a woman?s laughter as she walked pass the window reminded him of her? ?Entwined in her arms, pressed against her bosom, I felt her warmth flowing through me. Spinning my teeny body round and round like a twirling ribbon, I opened my eyes to see the world become a blur around me. ...read more.


Yet, these external pleasures were incomparable to the warmth within me. Clasping her delicate hands around mine, I felt as if a flame was ignited between us, spreading a magnificent blaze within my heart. As I clutched her hand tighter, she kneeled in front of me and ran her thumb down my face and smiled at me. ?I love you,? she whispered.? Glancing down at the place where her hands once laid, the little boy now saw the deserted lines on his palms and his lonely fingers. The flame she had created blew out and the nipping air had taken its place. His palm itched for the trace of her touch, and his hunger to be clutched in her arms grew stronger. Slamming his hand against the glass and looking outside, his fingers like the claws of an eagle grew longer and sharper as he tried to stab through the barrier of glass, to find her. Eyeing the little girl being carried by her mother, like a lamb cradled by its shepherd, his teeth clenched and fist tightened as he reflected on those days? ?Tired from the strenuous soccer match, my legs became two heavy sacks of cement abnegating to move. ...read more.


The window that could one blended the outer surrounding with the inside was now frosted and worn by the years of rain, wind, sun and hail. Placing her hands against the leaden window, her gaze searched desperately outside, trying to look for him. Seeing nothing apart from the desolate night sky, she realised he was no longer in this world and would never come back to her again. Clutching her shoulders longingly, tears of anguish, regret and pain rolled down her worn face as she recalled that accident that changed her life. How much she longed to hear the sounds of his heartening laughter, to feel the touch of his smooth baby skin and to smell the scent of his talcum powdered body; yet he was gone. As she turned to leave the house of memories, she felt an invisible force grab onto her arms, refusing to let her go. ?Trying to reach for her hands once more, my hands only swept passed you. I don?t want you to leave; I want you to stay with me, to look after me. After all this time, I can finally feel your embrace, please don?t abandon me. Please stay with me Mummy, please?? ...read more.

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