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Which character do we pity the most? Of Mice And Men Coursework.

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Of Mice And Men Coursework Essay-Which character do we pity the most? All the men in "Of Mice And Men" lived similar lives in Depression America. They all worked and lived on the ranches. They lived in poor conditions; they had to share bunkhouses with other men, the bunkhouses were small. Also the men had to entertain themselves. They did this by playing cards and Horseshoes. They didn't have any luxuries. The men led lonely lives and couldn't get close to anyone because they were constantly changing ranches. The men also had no social lives. Sometimes the men would go to a whorehouse because the needed someone to talk to and mostly they went there because they were lonely. All of the men suffered. Their lives were affected by being lonely and not having anyone to get close to. The men had no education. They had primitive living conditions. The bunkhouses had a bunk bed and table and two chairs usually. Also there were no women on the ranches (with the exception of Curley's wife). ...read more.


More reasons we pity him are to do with his colour. For example, he lives on his own and no one will talk to him. Another reason we pity Crooks is because he is the only well educated person on the ranch yet he works as the stable buck. These quotes show how people are racist to Crooks. "Listen nigger" said by Curley's wife and "Sure, ya see the stable bucks a nigger". These quotes show what Crooks have to put up with everyday and the word 'nigger' is the racist word that they all use when addressing Crooks. We feel pity for Lennie because he always needs looking after and he can't look after himself. He is slow minded and forgets things easily. He has no family and doesn't have any friends except George. Lennie can't control himself and doesn't know his own strength. He isn't intelligent and he finds it hard to express his conscience. Also Lennie can't get food or clothes for himself. The main reason I pity Lennie is because he is killed at the end by his best and only friend. ...read more.


He isn't allowed to join in with anyone. When the others were playing cards they wouldn't let him join in their game. Everyone else lives in a bunkhouse with someone but Crooks lives alone. He has a crooked back from being kicked in the back by a horse when he was young. This makes it hard for Crooks to do the job he has; stable buck. And these are the reasons why I pity Crooks the most. Life would have been much better on the ranch if they men could lead a more social life and could go into towns and meet new people. It would also be better if the men didn't have to keep moving on from ranch to ranch and could stay at one ranch and get a promotion after working there for a while. Another way things would have been better was if the living conditions were more comfortable and if the food was better quality. It would also be better if the men could get acess to a better education. ?? ?? ?? ?? Tony Thatcher Of Mice And Men 10BM Coursework ...read more.

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