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Which character do you think Priestley portrays as most responsible for Eva's death?

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Christian Jonathan Hidalgo Kerstiens Centre No. ES373 Candidate No. 2609 Bellver International College Which character do you think Priestley portrays as most responsible for Eva's death? We can see that as the play unfolds, each family member is partly to blame for Eva's death. J.B.Priestly seems to deliberately make it so difficult to decide who is most to blame. Mr Birling fires Eva who had striked hoping for a higher wage. Sheila has Eva sacked from Milwards shortly after. A few months later, Eva becomes Gerald's mistress and by September, she is alone once again. Two months later she gets pregnant by Eric. Eva's application for help is turned down by Mrs Birling and soon after, Eva commits suicide. Overall, Priestly portrays Mr Birling as the most responsible for Eva's death. ...read more.


Mr Birling is the first to be questioned by the Inspector. His reaction to Eva's death is rather cold as he seems to have no interest in the suicide "Yes, yes. Horrid business. But I don't understand why you should come here". This first reaction shows us that he shows no feelings or sense of petty towards others and that he is not ready to accept any blame, his lack of remorse is clearly identified. He is honest to the Inspector and tells him that he refused Eva's demand for a higher wage. Mr Birling can see no link between him discharging Eva and her suicide. Eva had been working as an employer in one of Mr Birling's factories, quite successfully, but was discharged because she went on strike to demand for a higher wage. ...read more.


As the Inspector continues interrogating, Mr Birling tries to threaten the Inspector by talking about his friendship with his Chief Constable "Perhaps I ought to warn you that he's an old friend of mine, and that I see him fairly frequently". Mr Birling is certain that he took the right decisions and that to gain a position like his, you have to take actions. He believes that "we need to tell the Inspector anything more". During his interrogation we can see various responds. Towards the end of the end of the story he even makes a joke about Eva's death. In conclusion, it can be said that the author portrays Mr Birling as most to blame for Eva's death because he starts the chain of events which lead to Eva's suicide. Although he is not fully responsible for Eva's death, his attitude towards the case makes him to be portrayed as the most to blame. ...read more.

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