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Which character was responsible for the death of Eva Smith / Daisy Renton / Mrs. Birling?

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Which character was responsible for the death of Eva Smith / Daisy Renton / Mrs. Birling? 'An Inspector Calls' is a mysterious play that was written in 1947 and is set in the fictional town of Brumley, in 1912 (prior to the start of the Great War). The playwright is John Boynton Priestly, who uses a variety of interesting, unexpected twists in order to captivate the reader. In this essay, I will answer the question, 'who is the most responsible character for the suicide of Eva Smith / Daisy Renton?' In order to do this, I will analyse each characters involvement, and examine the range of emotions they display throughout. ...read more.


The play is structured This makes him similar in many respects to Eva Smith. She fell totally in love with him, however she did not expect the affair to last. Eric Birling is a character that one begins to feel sorry for as the play progresses. ' Her character uses a lot of mental imagery too, warning her mother not to try and, 'build up a kind of wall' because the inspector would knock it down again. Eric calls Sheila, 'a little sneak,' when she discloses to their mother that Eric is an alcoholic. He also gets very annoyed at certain questions the inspector puts to him on the topic of his business, exclaiming, 'I don't see that its any concern of yours. ...read more.


He has a maid named Edna, which indicates his wealth. She shows remorse over the sacking of Eva Smith she caused through her jealousy, saying, 'I expect you've done things you're ashamed of too. Initially, when Mr Birling hears of the suicide, he attempts to brush it aside, saying, 'Obviously it has nothing to do with the wretched girls suicide,' when explaining why he dismissed her. ' He plans ahead, assuming that everything will fall into place perfectly, however what happens by the end of the play quite contrasts with this This shows that Sheila was obviously jealous that a working class person looked better than her. He convinces the Birling's and Gerald that they have played a major part on the death of Eva although they started off convinced that they had nothing to do with her. ...read more.

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