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Which Ending of Great Expectations Do You Think is Most Appropriate and Why?

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Which Ending of Great Expectations Do You Think is Most Appropriate and Why? I think that the original ending is the most approrpriate ending because I think that it fits in best with the rest of the novel. I think that the original version is a lot more dramatic and effective where it shows Estella saying "Lift up that pretty child and let me kiss it," as she assumes the child is Pip's, and it is as though you are looking back in time, and she is regretting how she treated Pip and so is trying to apologise for all she has done. It is quite ironic in this way that the child is called Pip, as it should be Pip that Estella is kissing - as though to ask for forgiveness. Estella and Pip have not seen each other for two years, and, in the original ending, Estella is more formal with Pip when she does she him again. In the updated ending it is Pip who calls "Estella!" and they both seem quite realxed with each other, but i do not think they would be as Estella is "greatly changed," and she feels a lot of guilt towards Pip. ...read more.


She would follow Miss Havisham's teaching to 'hate' men, and play with their hearts. In this ending we are told that the Shropshire doctor "was not rich" and that they lived off Estella's "own personal fortune." I think this shows how much Estella has changed, as she is with a respectable husband, who is not rich, and i think it is quite ironic that she is caring for a man with the money from Miss Havisham who dested men and did everything she could to make sure Estella did too. In the updated ending Pip goes back to Satis House, but i think that Pip has moved on. In the original version after seeing Joe and Biddy together he realises he needs to move on and live his life, and unintentionally meets Estella again. In the updated ending Pip "cries out" Estella's name, as though in desperation, and makes it seem as though his heart is still for Estella and that he wants to be in Satis House again, which i do not think is true. ...read more.


The contrast of the very end of the the two endings are very different. I think that after reading the original ending the reader is led to believe that Estella and Pip will never see one another again, but in the updated ending Pip sees "the shadow of no parting from her." I do not think this is very appropriate as i think that Pip has realised the pain that Estella caused him, and Estella realises this aswell, and they both should be apart. In the updated version Estella tells Pip that she has "often thought" of him, and I think that even if this was true then she would not tell Pip. I think that the original ending is more realistic in that she does not go back and visit Satis House, and that she marries someone else, even if she does often think of Pip. I think that she has hurt Pip too much, and Pip has changed so much, and has realised that he can live without Estella. He was planning to go abroad, and he says many times how his biggest worry was Magwich's saftey, whereas previously all Pip would think about was Estella. ...read more.

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