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Which of the characters do you feel was most responsible for the death of Eva Smith?

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Which of the characters do you feel was most responsible for the death of Eva Smith? Priestley's message in his play "An Inspector calls" is to point out our responsibility to other people. Through the story of the tragic death of Eva Smith he shows us how all the characters have contributed to her life and death. However they do not see it like this and so it is the audience who learns from their experience. Thought the play Priestley shows us how the characters do have responsibility for Eva's death. Both Mr & Mrs Birling are very resistant to this implication. Mr Birling's attitude is made clear at the beginning of the play in speech to Eric and Gerald. He believes that every man should "mind his own lousiness and look after himself and his own." He doesn't like the "cranks" of the day who "think everybody has to look after everybody else." When the inspector points out his contribution to Eva's death Mr Birling explains that he cannot accept any responsibility "if we were all responsible for everything that happened to everybody we'd had anything to do with, it would be very awkward." ...read more.


This shows us that she has learnt from her mistakes unlike her parents, so she tries to show her parents and Gerald that she at least "trying to tell the truth" she accepts that they have "done thing they're ashamed of too." Also that they don't "seem to have learnt anything." Eric also feels the very much the same, he very much feels upset when he find out she has died. Eric was drunk and took advantage of her she was a "good sport." He is still aware of his responsibility when she got pregnant so he offered "to marry her," he also "insisted on giving her enough money to keep her going." He did this by stealing "fifty pounds all told," from his father. After a while she accepted no more money from him. He is upset about her death, this makes him angry with his parents especially with his mother because he killed her and the child she'd have had too." ...read more.


He loses all relationship with Shelia but he "was expecting this." After he realises that he can have a new and different relationship. With Shelia, even Shelia doesn't "dislike [him] as much" she did before he told the truth. When he finds out about the inspector not being real, he thinks that it didn't happen when Mrs Birling says that the inspector is not real "makes all the difference." Gerald replied "of course it does." this shows us that he is as bad as Mr and Mrs Birling because he goes back to the begging and thinks he is not responsible at all. Whilst all he character have all contributed to the tragic death of Eva/Daisy I think that Mr and Mrs Birling are most responsible because, Mr Birling started it when he sacked her because she asked for higher wages. Also Mrs Birling didn't put a stop to it at the and when she refused to help Eva at the time she most needed help. Mr and Mrs Birling are also older than Shelia, Eric and Gerald and treat Shelia and Eric as children. ...read more.

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