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Which of the characters in the play is most changed by the visit of inspector Goole?

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Which of the characters in the play is most changed by the visit of inspector Goole? The book An Inspector Calls by JB Priestly is about social status and shows how actions whether they are out of kindness or spitefulness could have consequences. Before the arrival of inspector Goole the Birling family had no idea that their previously selfish actions would cause such serious results. They were so blinded by their own high expectations of how people should behave that they could not see that the world outside the Birling house could possibly be part of such mischief e.g. Girls of the town. Then the inspector arrived and rained on their parade opening their eyes to the ever-changing, fast moving world around them. Many of the characters attitudes towards such business have changed during Inspector Goole's visit but one or two of them have changed the most. Mr Birling's attitude doesn't change throughout the play as JB Priestly portrays him to be stuck up and self-centred. He denies that what he did by firing Eva Smith was only the beginning of her terrible ordeal, "Well I only did what any employer would have done." ...read more.


The inspector knows who the young man is and makes sure he understands what Mrs Birling has to say, " So he is completely to blame?" Her opinions change when she finds out that the young man responsible for the girl's pregnancy is her own son, Eric, and takes back every thing that she has said, " but I didn't know it was you. " She does not accept responsibility for refusing Eva Smith/Daisy Renton the help she needed and ending her ordeal, " I wasn't satisfied with this girls claim, I didn't like her manner." Her words mean that she tells the truth in saying she was not satisfied with her claim but really she did not approve of her behaviour and the mess she had gotten herself into. Eric knows that he got her pregnant but didn't wish to get himself into any more trouble, "you haven't made this any easier for me have you mother..." Straight from the beginning of the play it is obvious that Sheila's upbringing was very high in social status, " Go on Mummy" The language JB Priestly uses for the way Sheila says the word mummy shows that she is a ...read more.


This shows that maybe deep down she knows that what she has done is more serious than she first thought. Mrs Birling assures her that it is nothing but, "morbid curiosity." Throughout the inspectors visit Sheila tells every member of her family that what they had done between them was terrible yet she is still the only one that takes responsibility for it, " Mother you must have known" She tries to make them see that not one but all of them helped to end this girls life. After the inspector leaves the Birling family are relieved but are left with a feeling of guilt that from now on they should think before they act! JB Priestly uses the inspector's character as his mouthpiece, to put his thoughts and ideas into the play. He does not blame any one of the characters individually but blames them all, " all intertwined with our lives, with what we think say and do we are not alone, and we are all responsible for each other. " The inspector explains that whatever we believe other people are; we shouldn't judge them or be prejudice against them with out getting to know them. Whatever we say and do leaves an impression, and you never know how deep it will go. ...read more.

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