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Which Of The Following Characters Do You Consider To Be A Better Leader? Julius Caesar, Brutus or Mark Antony?

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Which Of The Following Characters Do You Consider To Be A Better Leader? Julius Caesar, Brutus or Mark Antony? All of these characters are from William Shakespeare's play "Julius Caesar". He based this play on historical evidence from a translation by North of "Plutarch's Lives of Noble Greeks and Romans". It was based therefore on a historical source but part of it is fictional. I will now write about each of the characters in turn deciding whether they would make good or bad leaders. At the start of the play you get the impression that Caesar is getting too full of himself when he says: "Cry 'Caesar!' Speak; Caesar is turned to hear". Here Caesar talks about himself in the third person. This makes him seem pretentious to most people. In a conversation between Cassius and Brutus, Cassius proves to Brutus that Caesar is weak. He gets the example from when Caesar and he were having a swimming race across the River Tiber. Caesar cried out "Help me Cassius, or I sink". So it appears the supposedly great Caesar can't swim very well. Cassius says when Caesar had a fever in Spain he acted like he was dying. He sounded like a girl when Cassius quotes "Alas, it cried, 'Give me some drink Titinius,' as a sick girl". He looks feeble here. ...read more.


I now move onto Brutus. He was one of the conspirators who killed Caesar. He was also a person who Caesar had great trust in and respected. The feeling is mutual as well. He admires Caesar "I would not Cassius, yet I love him well", him being Caesar. Brutus is doubtful and has trouble making up his mind when the conspirators come to him and ask him to join them. He takes a long time and this is proven by how long it takes the conspirators to persuade him. This would be a bad quality for a leader but good in a way as it shows loyalty. When he finally makes his mind up he bases his decisions on all the evidence and makes sure his reasons are the right ones. A quotation to support this is: "What need we any spur but our own cause". This a good quality. Brutus also considers carefully how he will execute his actions. For example when he and the conspirators kill Caesar. They kind of do it respectfully. The main mistake Brutus made was when he chose to speak to the crowd first after Caesar's death. He did this because he trusted in Mark Antony. Trust is a good quality but he couldn't see when people were taking advantage of it which is unfortunate. ...read more.


About! Seek! Burn! Fire! Kill! Slay! Let not a traitor live!". He has completely changed their minds. He was also good at hiding his feelings for Caesar while speaking. Being able to hide your feelings is a good leadership quality as it doesn't give the opposition anything to latch onto. Mark Antony is capable of being cold hearted when he says Lepidus is only good at being a mail boy: "Meet to be sent on errands". He is not big headed though. He offers advice to Octavius the heir for the battle instead of trying to take charge. This is a good quality. A last point about Mark Antony is that he is not disrespectful, he recognizes and judges people and is good at it. Even though the conspirators have been his enemy, he is generous for example about Brutus Now that I have written about each of the characters giving their good and bad qualities I would say that Mark Antony would be the best leader because he won the battle overall and has the best qualities for a leader, he also has experience because he is already sharing leadership as part of the triumvirate. His qualities may not be nice but they would best suit the job. Unlike Brutus who was just too nice and Caesar who was too big headed. Mark Antony was down to earth and saw everything from the right perspective. ...read more.

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