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Which of the funeral speeches is the most dramatically effective?

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Julius Caesar. Which of the funeral speeches is the most dramatically effective? Both funeral speeches by Brutus and Mark Anthony can be considered effective. Brutus is quite arrogant and to the point tries to sway the crowd. He justifies killing Caesar by saying that Caesars ambitions would have hurt Rome. Mark Anthony cleverly uses Brutus' speech as a baseline and focus' on Caesars good points and disproves Brutus' justification for killing Caesar. The placement of the speeches affects the impressions given to the crowd. Brutus is the first to speak and has nothing to work on, whereas Mark Anthony picks up and expands on Brutus' points. The dramatic affect of the speeches could have possibly lied in their placing. The Roman crowd responds emotionally to both speeches proving that both speeches are dramatically effective. ...read more.


Brutus asks whether they would prefer to live as freemen or as slaves under Caesar, 'who here is so base that they would rather be a bondman?' He pauses for a reply, giving the crowd time to think and change their views. This also gives a sense that Brutus cares about the crowds' opinions. They reply, 'none Brutus, none' no one is offended or disagrees with Brutus' actions or words. Mark Anthony has a different approach, speaking in blank verse, he appeals to the crowd as 'Friends' rather than 'Romans' as Brutus had. This is because Mark Anthony wants to appear to them as a friend not as a ruler who has more power. This immediately shows his priorities, friends before the country and completely contradicts what Brutus had said 'Romans, countrymen and lovers' and done, killing Caesar. ...read more.


By doing so he manages to get the crowd to question the morality of killing Caesar, and therefore the crowd doubt Brutus' justification. Both Brutus and Mark Anthony try to appeal to the people, and use repetition. Brutus takes a defensive approach and allows the crowd to come to their own conclusions. Mark Anthony backs up all his points whereas Brutus leaves his points open ended, he takes a sneaky, underhand prosecution approach against Brutus. The crowd found it easier to accept Anthony's emotional approach than Brutus' forceful approach. In conclusion I suggest that Mark Anthony's speech was more effective than Brutus', he had the advantage of speaking second, and was wise enough to use this to his advantage, his speech provoked more response from the crowd therefore proves to be more dramatically effective. ...read more.

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