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Which of The Monkeys Paw, and The Signalman did you prefire?

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Which of the two storeys did you prefer? Over the following coursework I am going to decide which of the two stories I prefer. The stories are The Monkeys Paw, and The Signalman. I am going to analyse features such as: unexpected things happening, a twist in the plot, mystery characters and coincidence. Most horror stories that I have read use the features that have been listed above. Personally I prefer the signalman. The Monkeys Paw is a horror story that involves a sergeant-major coming back from India. When we actually sergeant-major we find out he got a monkeys paw form a fakir in India, and the fakir made it grant 3 men 3 wishes. "He put a spell on it so that three separate men could each have three wishes from it". However each wish will bring a bad coincidence, as the fakir only did this to show that it's dangerous to alter fait. Personally this sounds too much like a fairy tale, and is therefore not believable. The first two of the three men have had their wishes, one was a man whose last wish was for death, and the second was the sergeant-major. The third man who wishes with the paw is Mr White, the father of the family we follow. Mr White first wishes for �200. While he was wishing this the rest of the family are just mocking it, and assuming that it is not going to come. ...read more.


Another feature of The Monkeys Paw is the setting, The Monkeys Paw uses a very ordinary place as a setting, the front room, and this actually adds fear as we use front rooms most days. "Without, the night was cold and wet, but in the small parlour of Laburnum Villa the binds where drawn and the fire burnet brightly" This is scary as each time we are in the front room we are reminded of The Monkeys Paw. In The Monkeys Paw the setting is not a key feature, as it could happen anywhere. This is shown by not having much description about the setting. Another way in which horror is created is through co-incidence. We are not actually told The Monkeys Paw wishes came true, so there is always a thought in the back of my mind asking if the monkeys paw caused Herbert to get caught in the machinery, or was it just chance. The same is for the other two wishes. The Signalman is a horror story about Charles Dickens talking to a signalman in a cutting along a railway line. The signalman can only see up or down the line from his signal box which creates horror as we feel being boxed in. we soon find out that the signalman keeps seeing a spectre who stands next to the tunnel entrance and shouts "helloa belowa" which creates horror as those are the exact same words Charles Dickens shouts to the signalman, and the engine driver shouts at the end. ...read more.


This shows it as an oppressive place and most of the story happens here, which keeps enforcing it into our minds that it is a very frightening place. "that it struck a chill to me, as if I had left the natural world." Another way in which Dickens creates horror is by the use of coincidence. There is one main coincidence in The Signalman; this is that the train driver, spectre, and Dickens all use the exact same wording when calling the signalman. "I said, "below there! Look out! Look out! For gods sake clear the way!" I started." This is why when dickens calls the signalman the signalman looks towards the tunnel, and when the train is coming towards the signalman at the end the signalman just ignores it thinking it's the spectre. This adds horror as it if all saying exactly the same wording is unlikely, and seems almost planned. Another way it is horrific is that if than train driver used different wording the signalman may not have been killed by that train. Overall I prefer the signalman as it is more believable and realistic; however the monkeys paw has simpler words and is easier to understand than the signalman. But I still think the signalman is a better horror story. Roni Greenbury 11J 1671 130 Which of the two stories did you prefer? Roni Greenbury 11J Page 1 of 3 Which of the two stories did you prefer? Roni Greenbury 11J Page 1 of 3 ...read more.

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