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Which of these poems do you think is most successful?

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Which of these poems do you think is most successful? Both of these poems were written in the 17th Century in a time where young women obeyed their fathers and did not have the right to choose their husbands. At marriage they were supposed to be virgins and this was tested by the ceremony of 'bedding' the couple with guests present. This was evidence to prove that the newly wed woman was a virgin. Fleas were a popular subject for jocose and amatory poetry in all countries at the Renaissance. People did not know how disease was spread. The flea is a very interesting deep and emotional love poem. Donne uses similes and metaphors to get a picture of what is going on. 'The Flea' does not develop along the similar trail of lust to love: the reader can easily see the ways, in which Donne attempts to lure his mistress into bed, 'And in this Flea our two bloods mingled be.' He compares the taking of the blood from both to be similar to the bond formed by having sexual intercourse. ...read more.


On the other hand in 'To His Coy Mistress' is a poem about a man trying to show his passion for the woman he loves. The poet Andrew Marvell uses similes and metaphors to describe his passion for his mistress and uses a three-step approach. 'Had we but World enough, and time' he says and with this line he tries to say that if he had enough time he would plan out how their relationship would go. He places her by 'The Indian Ganges' and himself by the 'Humber'. This comparison is to show the difference between him and her, that she is higher than him flatter her, and to show the gap between them is huge. He is trying to make her come out of her shell and not be so shy. 'I would have you ten years before the flood:' this image gives the picture of how extreme his eternal love is and to what extent it goes. He tries to persuade her and make her understand his deep and passionate feelings. ...read more.


lets just do it' Now let us sport us while we may; And now, like am'rous birds of prey, Rather once our time devour, Than languish in his slow-chapt pow'r. After the remark about the worms he gets frustrated and says these few lines meaning, lets have sex now while we can and as time goes on without having sex he becomes more passionate but more violent. Let us roll all our strength, and all Our sweetness, up into one ball And tear our pleasures with rough strife Through the Iron gates of Life Here his saying he wants to roll their love for each other up into a ball (in other words sex) Then he says their love would be so strong that it could crash through the gates of life. This would mean that their love would have to be very powerful seeing as iron is meant to be strong and gates are meant to keep people out. In all Marvell is just trying to seduce a woman who is shy about it and doesn't seem in any rush to have sex with him. ...read more.

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