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Which pair do you find more interesting, Ralph and Piggy or Jack and Roger?

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Lord of the Flies- William Golding Which pair do you find more interesting, Ralph and Piggy or Jack and Roger? In Lord of the Flies Piggy, Jack, Roger, and Ralph are all very different characters some more so than others. Though the novel their relationships become increasingly complex. In this essay I will be exploring how Piggy and Ralph, and Jack and Rogers relationship develop, which of the couples I find more interesting and why. Firstly I will discuss Jack and Roger. This couple don't interact as much as Piggy and Ralph do in this novel. They are quite similar , as they both come across as more evil and violent than the other boys on the island. A good example of this in Jack is on the last page of the first chapter ' " next time - !" He snatched his knife out of the sheath and slammed it into a tree trunk'. This sinister side is shown early on in Roger also 'there was a slight, furtive boy....'(p.29). The first time Jack and Roger actually speak to each other is in chapter four when Roger is throwing stones at Henry and Jack calls him over to tell him about the 'dazzle paint'. ...read more.


Roger becomes increasingly violent as he has no longer got the restraints of civilisation and the same is shown in Jack. They are similar in many ways. I think that in the end Roger become more evil then Jack, but Jack is the model that leads Roger to get rid of the restraints and rules of society. Roger just take it further. Piggy and Ralph are together all through the novel up until Piggy is murdered. These two are very different we see this in the first chapter. Piggy is fat, has glasses, asthma, and the way he speaks leads us to think he comes from the working class. He is called 'the fat boy' for quite a while up until page sixteen and even then we don't know his real name in fact we don't find out what it is through the whole book. None of the boys ask what it is. None of them really care enough to. But he is intelligent, for example when he and Ralph find the conch he says: '"we can use this to call the others"'(p.32). ...read more.


This shows that Piggy trusts Ralph and also Ralph gives Piggy the conch to carry ' he held out the conch to Piggy'(p.211). The conch was a symbol of power and to Ralph group it still is. He trusts Piggy to carry it showing he accepts him. At the very end, on the last page 'Ralph wept for the end of innocence, the darkness of man's heart, and the fall through the air of the true, wise friend called Piggy'(p.248). Ralph realises that Piggy was a good friend who always stuck by him and he is upset that he is dead, he didn't real appreciate him until now. I prefer Piggy and Ralph to Roger and Jack as their characters developed more, and the changes were good for their friendship. We see more of them throughout the book so we can learn about this development more thoroughly. I also think that they were nicer and more interesting than Jack and Roger because Piggy really stayed the same through the novel but it was Ralph who changed his opinion of Piggy and finally learned that he was, despite his appearance, a good and valuable friend. ...read more.

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