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Which poem depicts the agony of love and which the ecstasy?

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Which poem depicts the agony of love and which the ecstasy? Love has been used as a central theme for many great works of art. From poems, to stories and even the plays of Shakespeare Love has been depicted in many ways and in many styles and moods. Love is usually seen as a brilliant thing but different poets and artists see it in different ways. Poet's views of love can vary according to many things. Poets use their own personal experience to express how they feel about love. Other things such as their age, where they are from or what religion they are can also affect their view of love. A birthday is a poem by Christina Rossetti in which she talks about how much she loves her lover and wants to make love to him. There is a lot of natural imagery used in the poem and they are beautiful things created by nature for example she says things like "a singing bird whose nest is in a watered shoot" (lines 1 & 2). ...read more.


this poem is written in rhyming couplets and in iambic pentameter. The poem does not use any natural imagery except the cherries and the white mule which is a lazy boring animal which I think he uses to portray what the duke and duchess love was like. In this poem love is portrayed like it is agony and unfair to people. John Clare's poem first love is about John Clare expressing what it felt like when he met his first love. In the poem he talks about how nervous he is and all the time he is wondering if his first love loves him back. He uses natural imagery to describe what this girl he has fallen in love with looks like he says things like "her face it bloomed like a sweet flower"(line 3). this poem is narrated by John Clare himself from his personal experience this helps him depict love how he feels it is and so his view on love will be much more heartfelt because he has experienced it himself. ...read more.


How do I love thee by Elizabeth Barrett Browning talks about all the ways in which she is talking about how she loved her husband Robert Browning. This sonnet is from her most famous work, a collection of love sonnets called sonnets from the Portuguese. This poem is influenced by the poets religious beliefs as she often refers to things from the Christian faith. The poem does not use natural imagery but more uses religious beliefs to portray her view on love. The poem is a sonnet which consists of 14 lines. This poem portrays love in and ecstatic way and says that it made her life much better. I think that all of these poems have different views on love and express their views in different ways. I think that Christina Rossetti's poem is the most ecstatic because it uses a lot of positive natural imagery and words which promote love as a wonderful thing. The poem that depicts love as agony is lord Byron's poem when we two parted it doesn't use much natural imagery and says that love gives you the feeling that love is agonising. ...read more.

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