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Whiskey with William

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Whiskey with William I'll always remember that night, that wonderful night, so peaceful, so quiet. That was the last night I ever sat round the charred oak table drinking a few with William. It started of with a simple acutance; our shifts would crossover every Tuesday and Thursday, every night at 11 pm exactly. One night I started my shift a little early, got to know each other a bit. Turned out to be that our dugouts where right next to each other, and the next thing you know we where having whiskey every night, even on duty. I remember one night, specifically actually, because of what he said to me. "... Yea I know, talk about stench, we thought Mickey took his boots off or something and what did it turn out to be, a Charlie Fogger, stunk the whole trench out." "Yea I'll say, it blew into our dugout, couldn't get the chlorine smell out for days." "Anyway Pete, I gota go" "Why?" "Well you see, I'm going away for a while" "What, what do you mean?" ...read more.


But know my life seems to be occupied by death and despair. One day I was awakened by the faint smell of whiskey and voices, one louder than the rest called to me. "Good morning." I was paralysed, I couldn't move, I didn't know what to do. There where so many thoughts and emotions running through my head, every muscle in my war-wounded body where contracting, my eyes opened the sun through the doorway blinded me but I didn't care. I leapt out of bed rubbing my eyes, and then when I removed my hands, he was standing there with the half filled bottle of whiskey with two glasses in his other hand stretched out in front of him. "So you kept it then." "I'd know you'd come back." "No you didn't, you where hoping." "Does it matter?" "Yes, as you where drowning in your own tears you failed to notice that the trenches are thinning out with people. You cant structure your life on hope, you need to know the situation, you where putting yourself in danger." ...read more.


"Obviously they have" "We've got problems, Germans are coming round the corner " "Get behind me, feed me bullets" "Tripwires disengaged, move em out" the guy said "Move Pete move" I remember running about five metres along and looking behind me and seeing Will trapped on some barbed wire. "Hang on Will, I'm coming" "Go back about ten metres there should be some wire cutters" I ran back and located the wire cutters and started to run for Will. " Hang on Will I've got the wire...." There was a horrific bang that forced me onto the muddy wet floor of the trench. The smoke cleared and there was nothing left, where Williams's body once was there was now a smoking crater. "NO!" I got up and ran towards the crater but someone pulled me by the shoulder dragging me back. "Get up Private Murphy, get up!" Everything was a blur to me for another hour, after that I remember that we where all in a cabin or house singing, or at least they where. Even up to this day our regiment keep in touch, visit Will's name on the statue. I miss having games with William, talks with William. I miss having whiskey with William. ...read more.

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