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Who do I turn to?

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Who do I turn to? As I sit there on the sofa, I keep looking back and fourth at the television. Mum sits beside me, I can smell the scent of her perfume, it's sweet and welcoming. Deep inside of me I really want to tell my mum everything that is on my mind. I feel resentful though because this is my mum. How am I supposed to just tell her everything, it's so deep? She looks at me and asks me if there is something wrong. I look at her trying not to show my worried eyes and tell her I am fine. She gives me the chance to tell her, and I let it go how can I bring it up now? I glance at her quickly I can see her mind ticking away, she knows me, she knows that I am lying and that I have something troubling me. Again she asks me if I have something on my mind. ...read more.


She returns from the bathroom, now calm, her bright red eyes look at me deeply. I can see the worry in them. They stare at me as though everything seems to turn OK in her life, nothing can go wrong, she is safe, as long as she keeps staring no one can get her, she begins to gets lost into the colours of my eyes. She sits opposite me, trying her best not to look as she tells me what had happened. Her hair falls slowly onto her face as she drops it down to look at her sheets. It looks soft and smooth a warm golden colour. The contours of her face are well structured, I have never really looked at her this closely before, she is beautiful; As she begins I listen carefully, she gets deeper and deeper into her feelings, I can see how locked up in her problem she must be. She's told me everything, I sit there shocked I try to move and I feel paralysed with fear for Georgina, I have no idea what to say to her, I have no experience in what she is going through, I cannot guide her because my guidance may be wrong. ...read more.


She looks at me as if I am mad; her eyes screw up and her forehead wrinkles. I ask her if she had told Mike, her boyfriend, she said no, and that she didn't want to in a frenzied tone as though she is worried about losing him. I know though that no matter what happens Mike will still love her, because this will only bring him closer towards her. I was so worried about her, my best friend had a human being growing inside her, she was no longer a virgin, no longer sweet and innocent. She was only 14, how could this have happened? I begin to tell mum everything that Georgina had told me, it was hard to get to the point at first but I just came right out with it. 'She's pregnant mum'. My mum sits there in shock, she doesn't look mad or even sickened, she seems more worried about Georgina. My mum hold's me in her arms and reassures me that everything would be OK. Whatever happens, Georgina will be fine. This made me proud, I had made the right decision to tell somebody. ...read more.

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