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'Who do you hold responsible form Mecutio's death in Act 3 scene 1 of Romeo and Juliet and why? How would u show this in performance?'

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'Who do you hold responsible form Mecutio's death in Act 3 scene 1 of Romeo and Juliet and why? How would u show this in performance?' There are many characters in Romeo and Juliet that contributed to Mecutio's death. Although there are three main suspects, who hold most blame, these are Romeo, Tybalt and Mecutio himself. I personally lay all blame on Romeo, as he aggravated the situation the most up to and during Act 3 scene 1. I would show this in a performance by having Romeo's characteristics as being rather sly, having him act as though he is above the group. This will convey to the audience that he doesn't take responsibility for his actions. Although there are three main suspects, there are also many other characters that contributed to Mecutio's death. These characters are, the Capulet and Montague families. There is tension between the two families '...dog of the house of Montague' and 'though villain Capulet!' shows the families are feuding, even their servants fight 'the quarrel is between our masters, and us their man' Friar Laurence holds some blame, as he gave Romeo bad advice about marrying Juliet. ...read more.


I will show the audience that Tybalt isn't to blame though facial expressions and body language. When Mecutio threaten Tybalt I would have Mecutio look surprised, put his arms up and step away from Mecutio. This would convey to the audience that Tybalt doesn't have any desire to fight Mecutio. To justify Tybalt fighting Mecutio I will show to the audience that Romeo frustrates Tybalt by not fighting '...be satisfied' and the only reason Tybalt fights Mecutio is because Romeo has made him angry. Mecutio could be blame for his own death. Mecutio is very short tempered an has an aggressive altitude towards life '...beat down love.' These characteristics get Mecutio in trouble. Mecutio insults Tybalt 'you rat-catcher...' this frustrates Tybalt making the situation worse. Tybalt doesn't provoke Mecutio in anyway but Mecutio draws his sword 'Here's my fiddle-stick...' Mecutio is only standing up for his friend, but loses his temper very quickly. Tybalt shows he has no wish to fight Mecutio '...peace be with you sir.' Tybalt shows he has respect for Tybalt by calling him 'sir'. Mecutio intensifies the circumstances surrounding Tybalt and himself. 'Here comes my man...' ...read more.


Romeo's response surprises Tybalt '...good Capulet, which name I tender as dearly as my own.' because Romeo and Tybalt are now related by marriage. Romeo's response aggravates Tybalt as Romeo turns to leave. Mecutio and Tybalt are both very frustrated because of Romeo's behaviour, and feel honour isn't satisfied. Mecutio provokes Tybalt into a duel '...pluck you sword...' Tybalt responds to Mecutio's advances. Romeo then makes a grave mistake as the stage directions say 'Romeo tries to stop the fighting...' Romeo's actions have fatal consequences as Mecutio is wounded under Romeo's arm. On stage I would have Romeo at first looking innocent, as he knows nothing about the challenge, then have his body language towards Tybalt as though he was acting superior. This would annoy Tybalt, as he is the elder of the two. When Romeo steps in the way of the fighting I would have the actor playing Romeo use all his force to stop Mecutio from fighting but leave Tybalt free, so he can stab Mecutio. This would show Romeo hasn't thought about his actions properly. Out of the many characters that hold some blame for Mecutio's death, I blame Romeo the most. I have conveyed my reasons for this and have also shown how I would display this to the audience if directing a performance of Romeo and Juliet. ...read more.

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