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Who do you think was the most responsible for the deaths of Romeo and Juliet?

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* Who do you think was the most responsible for the deaths of Romeo and Juliet? Romeo and Juliet were helpless as it was mainly the people around them who were fighting and feuding for an unknown reason. Romeo and Juliet mainly kept out of the fighting but the people around them who were interfering made their lives miserable and unhappy, and because they were so deeply in love with each other, they refused to be split up and therefore took risks to stay together which eventually led to their deaths. The Prologue at the beginning of the play suggests it was mainly fate that was to blame, "star-crossed lovers and "death-marked love" are examples of this. The play is a tragic love story. Romeo is a teenager, the son of the Montague family who falls in love with Juliet, a Capulet whose family are enemies with the Montague's. He blames Fate and misfortune for everything that goes wrong in his life. After he kills Tybalt, he then realises the seriousness of his life but blames the stars rather than his own actions. "O, I am fortune's fool". Juliet is a young Capulet, 14 years old; she is kind and obeys her mother and father she is a very intelligent girl. ...read more.


He goes behind the backs of Juliet's parents by agreeing to marry Romeo and Juliet but he has a good reason for this. "To turn your households rancour to pure love", to reconcile the two feuding families. Though the Friar is concerned about what he is doing, "These violent delights have violent ends", the plan to help the two families soon goes wrong as Romeo is banished. This time he makes another plan that is as risky as the first. Romeo is to go to Mantua where The Friar will then try to arrange a meeting between Romeo and Juliet. The plan goes wrong again! The Nurse is one of Juliet's closest friends, apart from Romeo. She is not particularly clever and does nothing to warn Juliet of how an involvement with a Montague might cause problems to Juliet and her family. When Juliet's Mother is talking about Juliet's marriage to Paris she makes jokes and finds it very amusing, "A bump as big as a young cockerels stone". Even though the Nurse may be very simple minded she is very loving and fond of Juliet "Well sir my mistress is the sweetest lady" The Nurse appears to have got too carried away with Romeo and Juliet and is excited for Juliet, but she offers no advice to what Juliet is doing, although she knows that Juliet is young. ...read more.


For example, after the death of Mercutio and Tybalt the Prince tells the citizens of Verona "whom now the price of his dear blood doth owe?" in other words he seeks justice for these murders. If he had tried harder to stop the feuding and bickering and carried out more of his threats the feud might not have evolved into a tragic death story! At the end of the play he accepts some of the responsibility for what has happened by "Winking at their discords". He tries to bring the two families together by, "What a scourge is laid upon your hate, /that heavens finds means to kill your joys with love" I do not think there is one single person who is to blame but Friar Lawrence plays a large part in the tragedy, mainly through he had plans that were not planned enough! In the end, it simply did not work and all went wrong. Romeo did not receive the information that he needed to know before the plan had taken place, and because this didn't happen he thought Juliet was really dead. Friar Lawrence did not have to do what Romeo and Juliet wanted without carefully thinking about what could happen. I do not think fate was involved in this tragedy because there were too many hiccups made by the main characters. ...read more.

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