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Who does the audience blame most for the deaths in

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Who does the audience blame most for the deaths in "Blood Brothers?" Willy Russell was inspired to write the play Blood Brothers when he looked at his own life. He takes the starting point as twins at birth to write the play. I feel that the twins actually represent the two life styles he had during his life. When he was young his life wasn't that luxurious, he was known as a failure at school; I think this represents Mickey. Although he was a failure he had one passion, writing, he went to college and became a famous play writer. He got a lot of money and he became rich. I think that this part of his life represented Eddie. The play starts as The Mother has twins, as she cannot handle it she gives one of her babies to Mrs. Lyons her employer. Mrs. Lyons is worried that The Mother may go back on the deal, she makes up a superstition that if the two brothers find they have both been separated at birth they will both automatically die. They live their certain ways, but they become friends and make a blood brother pact "I will always defend my brother." ...read more.


When he finds all this out he is fuming. The audience will see that Eddie has irritated Mickey; they might think this was the root of the problem. They will definitely think that he is partly responsible when watching the play. Linda also has a part to play in the killings of the Mickey and Eddie. Being Mickey's wife she swore to honour him. She met with Eddie and went behind his back to get him a job and a house. She knew that Eddie fancied her but still went to meet with him to get out of the house. I don't blame her but when Mickey found out you could imagine how upset he was. Even though I think she is partly to blame for it, I feel the audience will forget the reason why Mickey has gone mad, because there will be so much suspense and they will be on the edge of their seat. He went and found Eddie, and warned him with a gun. Though this was not why Eddie died. The gun was actually a fake gun. The Mother rushed in and before Mickey could declare it wasn't a real gun, she told them that they are brothers. ...read more.


Although, he is actually asking a question, I think the audience will feel that The Mother is actually a caring mother that does the best for her children. She is only responsible as she tells them that they are both brothers, resulting in Mrs. Lyons reacting to murdering them. There are other things to take into consideration like how Linda actually rang The Mother and Mrs. Lyons and that is why they were actually there. I think that if we go back to the beginning of the play, the first thing that resulting into this event taking place is Mrs. Lyons making up the superstition in the first place. If we go to the other extreme and see the last thing resulting into the loss of the brothers is that Mrs. Lyons actually shooting them, she was the murderer. That is why I think Mrs. Lyons is most to blame. The audience reactions will be the same as mine; they will feel strongly about Mrs. Lyons being the real murderer as the event that most sticks out in watching the play is the last ten seconds where she pulls out her weapon and fires two bullets, one at Eddie and the other at Mickey. This is why the audience blames her most for the deaths in "Blood Brothers" ...read more.

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