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Who I think is to blame for the deaths of Romeo and Juliet, and why

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Romeo & Juliet Coursework Who I think is to blame for the deaths of Romeo and Juliet, and why. Romeo & Juliet, two young teenagers from families that hate each other bitterly, fall in love. Unfortunately, every thing goes wrong for both of them, the strength of their love persuades both of them to kill themselves rather than be parted from each other. The family's long lasting quarrel is partly to blame for the death of Romeo & Juliet but it is also to be blamed on some characters. Some of the characters have been involved more than others and are to be blamed to a higher extent than those who haven't been involved in a major way. In this coursework I have studied all the characters that I personally think might have been involved and should be blamed for the tragic death of Romeo & Juliet either in a major or a minor way. I am going to start by showing the characters who should be blamed at a lesser extent than others. The first character is "Rosaline" because if she had returned Romeo's love he wouldn't have had been heartbroken and he wouldn't have met Juliet, she is to be blamed at a lesser ...read more.


In my opinion, Tybalt is a trouble maker as he always tries to make big problems of the simplest issues. If Romeo's presence was really disturbing then Lord Capulet would have taken care of it but he doesn't mind. Tybalt tries to start a fight with the Montague's at any chance given therefore that makes him a key role in starting most of the problems. Until now all those actions by the different characters are linked. Another character involved at a lesser extent is Lady Capulet because if she had backed up her daughter Juliet rather than Lord Capulet when he demanded that Juliet should marry Paris, then Juliet might have admitted what she had done. This makes Lady Capulet another character to be blamed when she says "Marry, my child, early next Thursday morn" (Act 3 Scene 5, Line 112) to her daughter shows that she doesn't care about how upset her daughter really is. Lady Capulet does not want to argue with Lord Capulet about the marriage because she thinks that her daughter will be safe with a gentleman. She does not push the matter when Juliet disagrees instead she says "Here comes your father, tell him yourself" (Act 3 Scene 5, Line 124). ...read more.


Apart from the lovers, I would blame Friar Lawrence the most. Although his intentions were good, he took great part in concluding to this devastating end. I would also blame Juliet's Nurse as one of the most influential characters in the lover's death because she had helped get them married without letting the families know. She has also supported Juliet in all what she did and never advised her to let the family know. This makes her a great influence since she had supported and encouraged this marriage although it was wrong. The lovers are also to blame for their own deaths because they hid the truth from their families. They might have had their reasons but if they didn't hide the truth from both families then there might have been a chance of them uniting together. Romeo is also impatient and doesn't wait to know the truth, he drinks the poison as soon as he finds out Juliet is dead. In my opinion if the lover's had told their families about their love story there might have been a chance of a successful relationship. Khalid I Abdelrahim Page 1 ...read more.

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