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Who in your opinion is most responsible for the death of Eva Smith in the murder mystery written by J.B.Priestley.

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English/English literature Coursework. Title: - who in your opinion is most responsible for the death of Eva Smith? This story is a murder mystery written by J.B.Priestley set in the dining room of the Birling's house in Brumley, an industrial city in the North Midlands. In my opinion, there isn't really one person to blame, but each member of the Birling family along with Gerald Croft, Sheila's fianc�. Each of these people seem to play a key part in the suicide/murder of Eva Smith. The story starts off by the Birling family and Sheila's fianc�e, Gerald Croft enjoying there engagement party "modestly celebrating his engagement" when they are interrupted by a ring at the door by a so called police inspector by the name of Goole ".... Inspector Goole" where Mr Birling immediately suspects its for a warrant " some trouble about a warrant" and when the inspector tells him that its not, Mr Birling says how popular he is and that he's up for a knighthood, and that the inspector should be careful of what he is saying to Mr Birling. ...read more.


The inspector did not really have a problem with him because he managed to get all the answers, which he wanted, from him. He managed to find out that he was having an affair with her whilst going out with Sheila " I did keep a girl last summer" and when this was mentioned there was a little tiff between them and Sheila was very keen to find out more, but Mr Birling just let it pass, because he wanted his daughter to be married to Sir George's son. Gerald knew Daisy and did love her genuinely but left for some reason or other. Then there was Mrs Birling probably the most spiteful of them all; Mrs Birling is the chairperson of the Brumley woman's organisation. She turned Eva away for gross impertinence " had it refused" but did not know her as Eva Smith or as Daisy Renton but as Mrs Birling "she called her self Mrs Burling" and admitted that she was prejudice against her case and because of this she told her that she would have to go and find the father not knowing that it was Eric. ...read more.


to this affair "I was almost certain for a knighthood" and then they realise by Gerald's investigating that they were tricked and answered questions and let a hoax police inspector know everything he wanted. They later ring the infirmary to ask if anybody has died or came in with a suicide attempt by drinking disinfectant and to their surprise know body has, and then they start to relax and have a little joke about what has happened until the phone rings, and it's the infirmary ringing to tell them that somebody has just came in and died by drinking disinfectant "a girl has just died" and then it all goes quiet as they are told a police inspector will be around to speak to them about what has happened and from there, there ordeal will have to start all over again. I believe that Mrs Cybil Birling was the main cause of Eva Smiths/Daisy Renton/Mrs Birling's death because she was the one who finally sent her over the top and turned her away from the one organization, which could help her to regain her life and state hood. 1 ...read more.

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