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Who in your opinion was most responsible for the death of Eva Smith?

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Who in your opinion was most responsible for the death of Eva Smith? In "An Inspector Calls" by J.B. Priestley the responsibility for the death of Eva Smith is shared between the whole Birling family including Gerald Croft. They each contributed with one small thing that when put together drove Eva smith to suicide. The first in the chain of events, which led to Eva's death, was when Mr Birling sacked her from his factory. Eva Smith was a good worker so Mr Birling put her in charge of a group of workers, this increased Eva's confidence in herself and her abilities, which helped her become a ringleader in a group of girls who wanted a higher wage. They asked for more money and Mr Birling refused, if he increased their wages he would have to increase the cost of the clothes too and that would not have gone down well with business. "Well, it's my duty to keep labour costs down and if I'd agreed to this demand for a new rate we'd have added about twelve percent to our labour costs." ...read more.


Soon after Sheila realised what shed done and felt really rotten but it was too late. "it didn't seem to be very terrible at the time. Don't you understand? And if I could help her now, I would-'' The third in the chain was Gerald Croft. Gerald met Eva, who had changed her name to Daisy Renton, in a bar one late night and saw that she was being harassed by a very drunk man and so he stepped in to help. Gerald told her if she wanted to get away from the man shed better go with him. Eva agreed so Gerald took her back to what he thought was her home. After finding out Eva had numerously lied to him he took her back to his friends house in Morgan Terrence where they got to know each other very well. It wasn't long before Eva really thought shed made her life worthwhile again, she loved, trusted and relied on Gerald but she knew he was engaged and knew her relationship/affair wouldn't last forever. ...read more.


Mrs Birling was a member of the committee and took one look at Eva and refused to help her. She saw Eva as a liar and a drunk who carelessly got herself pregnant and convinced everyone else on the committee to refuse to help her too. "Remember what you did, Mrs Birling. You turned her away when she most needed help, You refused her even the pitiable lit bit of organised charity you had in your power to grant her." If Eric had not got Eva pregnant she would not have needed the help that Mrs Birling refused. If Mrs Birling had helped Eva she would not have felt so useless and would probably still be alive. Although Mrs Birling was not entirely responsible for Eva's death she contributed the final event that drove her to suicide. In writing the play "An inspector Calls" Priestly is telling us that we all have a certain responsibility for each other no matter what age, race, gender or class we are we are all equal and responsible. ...read more.

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