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Who is Billie Joe Armstrong?

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Billie Joe Armstrong Billie Joe Armstrong is the lead singer of the punk rock band green day. The main people in the band are Billie Joe Armstrong-lead guitar/lead vocalist, Mike Dirnt-base guitar/backing vocals, Tre Cool-drums. Green day often have to bring in extra musicians for some of their songs but mainly it is just the 1 extra called Jason white who plays lead guitar and rhythm. Green day were known as the ones that fought for what they believed in and didn't care about the criticism they might get, doing this they released a top 10 song American idiot Billie Joe Armstrong grew up in Rodeo, California, the youngest of six. His father, Andy Armstrong, was a retired minor league baseball player, who worked as a bartender and truck driver for Safeway to support the family. ...read more.


In 1990 he met his wife adrienne and he later had 2 children joseph and jakob. Billi joe and his wife now own there own record label and fashion line cal adeline records. Billie joe is a registered libertarian and once tried becoming a vegitarian but due to a signifigant weight loss he had to quit. When billie was on tour he often had panic attacks and has made many song s about it e.g. basket case, he has also suffered from insomnia and he made his next album which is a bit darker was a response to hometown critics calling them "sell outs" after signing with a bigger record label. After this there next albums were still in the shadow of dookie so "insomniac, nimrod and warning" werent as popular and green days fan base was declining. ...read more.


Kerrang! magazine awarded him the Best Dressed Star and Hero of the Year in 2005 Right now he has released 2 singles for charity, one was nominated for a Grammy, which was a cover of john Lennon's working class hero and the other was about the New Orleans flooding in which they calibrated with U2 to create "The Saints are Coming. They have made a DVD and documentary of the huge concert in Milton keens; it was a 2-day event each having 60,000 people at each one this was called "Bullet in a bible". They are currently working on the 8th album which is yet to be revealed but will be coming out in 2008 they said it is about how they are currently felling, which is middle-aged. Green day also appeared in the Simpsons movie and were in an animation with other famous musicians like U2 it was called "Live Freaky, Die Freaky" ...read more.

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