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Who is most responsible for Eva Smith's death?

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Who is most responsible for Eva Smith's death? An Inspector Calls is about a woman called Eva Smith committing suicide. An inspector called Inspector Goole visits a family called the Birlings. The family all had some connection to Eva Smith. The inspector then questions the whole family and Gerald Croft (Sheila Birling's fianc�). The play is set in the early 1900's just after the First World War. This has a big impact on the social and historical side of the play. The main setting is the Birling's house. When Inspector Goole arrives at the house the family are celebrating about Gerald and Sheila get married soon and the mood quickly changes from happy to angry and frustrated. In the essay I will discover who is most responsible for Eva Smith's death. Some people have more responsibility than others and I will be looking at this as well The Main characters in the play are: - Sheila - Mr Birling - Mrs Birling - Gerald Croft - Eric - Inspector Goole All of the above characters had something to do with Eva Smith and therefore were suspects in Inspector Goole's investigation. ...read more.


He helped Eva as much as he could, but she didn't love him enough to marry him. Still, Eric wanted to help her so he offered her money that was stolen from Mr Birling's safe but she refused it as it was stolen. He also has a child and Eva is the mother. When he is questioned he becomes distraught in a similar way to Gerald. We can tell from this quote "(shouting) and I say the girl's dead and we all helped to kill her -and that's what matters." From this quote we can see that he is upset due to the hyphen breaking his speech and because he is shouting. Mr Birling is the head of the household and was the employer of Eva Smith but he sacked her. When he is questioned he becomes very stern and irate. He wants nothing to do with Eva Smith and this is shown by the quote " I can't accept any responsibility for this wretched girl." ...read more.


An example of a character description is "Birling is a heavy-looking, rather portentous man in his middle fifties with fairly easy manners." This shows the actor how to portray Mr Birling in a way that the audience will know the character straight away. I will look at lighting ideas now. An example of lighting ideas is "the lighting should be pink and intimate until the inspector arrives and then it should be brighter and harder" This shows the audience that the beginning of the play is cosy and intimate as they are having celebratory dinner for Sheila and Gerald but when the inspector arrives it is harsher like an interrogation. The final technique I will look at is emotive technique. An example of this is " Inspector (very sternly). This shows the actor the way in which to say the line. In conclusion I believe that none of the characters hold all the responsibility for Eva Smith's death but they all have equal responsibility as all of their actions were thoughtless and cruel. ?? ?? ?? ?? Tony Thatcher An Inspector Calls 11BM Coursework ...read more.

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