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Who is most responsible for the death of Eva Smith?

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INSPECTOR CALLS EVA SMITH ESSAY TWO There are many different factors involved in the death of Eva Smith. Each one pushed Eva Smith a little closer to suicide but no one person was solely responsible for her death. Whether one person deserves to take more of the blame than another does it is difficult to say. It was not only people that contributed to Eva Smith's death but her position in the world and the way in which her life worked out. Mr Birling was the first person who we were led to believe started off the train of events that ultimately led to the death of Eva Smith. I don't believe that Mr Birling did anything wrong towards Eva after all the only thing he did was sack her from his factory after she started to cause trouble demanding higher wages. Any man in his position would have done the same. She was making trouble as Mr Birling said, 'She had a lot to say - far too much so she had to go'. Although I don't think that Mr Birling did anything really wrong regarding Eva he does not come off well throughout the play as he shows himself up a number of times because of his personality. The major flaw in his personality is that he seems to show no remorse for Eva who after all was a person. ...read more.


It could be argued that Gerald came as almost a "saviour" to Eva and I think that is how he sees himself as when he first saw her he said that she 'gave me a glance that was nothing more than a cry for help'. I believe that he did genuinely care for Eva but he didn't love her as he admitted that: 'I didn't feel about her as she felt about me'. Gerald was fairly honest admitting his part in Eva's life fairly readily. He had good manners and said the right thing but it is hard to decide whether he does mean what he says or that he is simply trying to come across as well as he possibly can. Gerald seems to be a rather narrow minded old-fashioned person. He would never marry Eva because she was of the wrong class. In a way you could say that he simply used Eva for his own needs. Although he denies this saying, 'I want you to understand that I didn't install her there to make love to her !' However he did make her happy for a few months and you have to give credit for that. He does show signs of guilt, 'She didn't blame me at all I wish to god she had now. Maybe I would have felt better about it.' Although Gerald did not love Eva he did have feeling towards her as he stresses to the Inspector, 'I'm rather more upset by this business than I probably appear to be'. ...read more.


Either way it does show that he is not very loyal to his family. Although Eric does come across as weak and immature you cannot hate him after all he was not a malicious person like his parents were. Eva was the last person who we know was involved she committed suicide. I do think that she must take some blame after all she was the one ultimately took her own life. She had some control over her fate as well. If she hadn't caused trouble at the factory, smiled when Sheila tried on the unsuitable hat, become a mistress to Gerald, slept with Eric or used the Birling name she may not have been lying on a slab with burnt out insides. J B Priestly deliberately makes Eva out to be the helpless victim in order for the others deeds to seem much worse. I don't think that you can fully blame Eva for her death, as she did not know how things would work out. There is no right or wrong person to blame for Eva's death. Each person had a little to 'help' Eva make up her mind to commit suicide so in my opinion they each should take a little blame. However when each person made Eva's life a little harder they had no idea that their actions would cause this much devastation. I am sure that other people have done much worse things with no consequences so perhaps it wasn't fair that these people had to take any blame for Eva's death. ...read more.

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