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Who is most responsible for the death of Eva Smith in the book 'An Inspector Calls' by J.B.Priestly.

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Who is most responsible for the death of Eva Smith in the book 'An Inspector Calls' by J.B.Priestly. Inspector Calls was written in 1945, but it was set in 1912 in Brumley, a Northern, an Industrial City. It is about a Middle Class family named the Birling's. There are 4 Birling members, and Gerald Croft (engaged to Sheila Birling, the daughter). There is also the maid, Edna, who plays a small part in the play. It starts of with the Birling family celebrating the engagement of Sheila and Gerald. Gerald is the son of George Croft a major player in the industrial part of Brumely. With Birling also owning a big factory In Brumley, he is very happy for this marriage, as it would unite Birling and co with Croft limited. The evening begins smoothly with the whole family having fun with port being drunk, and cigars being smoked. Mr Birling makes historical references to certain things in the future during the play. The first is when Birling mentions the Kaiser. "Just because the Kaiser makes a few speeches, you'll hear war is inevitable. ...read more.


She runs out of the room crying. She returns 5 minutes later with tears in her eyes. Sheila thinks she is responsible for Eva Smith's death, but the inspector reassure her and tell her it's not all her fault and others are partly to blame. She explained what happened to everyone in the room. "I went to the manager at Milwards, and said if she wasn't sacked, I'd never go near the place again, and get mother to close our account." She then goes on to admit it was because she saw Eva Smith smiling at the assistant when Sheila was trying on a dress. Sheila thought that Eva was laughing at her, and was jealous of the fact that Eva would look better in the dress. So she complained, and that was the end of it. Sheila wasn't happy with herself, and wished she could have turned back the clock. The inspector then reveals another key fact, that she had changed her name to Daisy Renton. This sparked a reaction out of Gerald. This begins the interrogation of Gerald, as it is revealed he knew Daisy Renton. ...read more.


Eric then never saw her, she never called again. The family then begins to argue, as the inspector leaves. It is then realised, he wasn't an inspector, nor did a girl kill herself that night. Mr and Mrs Birling think they are in the clear, and forgets about it. But the rest of the family cannot forget the fact that they have treated a human being in this horrible fashion. A split has being created in the Birling household, and the love they once had, is in doubt. The phone rings again, and it is announced that a girl has died, and a inspector is on his way. Mr and Mrs Birling are more concerned about there reputation then the death of this young girl. In conclusion, I think that it is unfair to solely blame just one character for Eva Smiths death, However Mrs Birling is probably the most at fault. She could see the state this girl was in. She new her problems, and refused to help her. If Mrs Birling did help her things may have been different and Eva may not have killed herself. But I think all members of the family played a part in her death and its everyone's fault, and responsibility must be taken by the whole family. ...read more.

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