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Who is most to blame for the deaths of Romeo and Juliet

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Who is most to blame for the deaths of Romeo and Juliet In this tragic love story of Shakespeare's Rome and Juliet, who is to blame for the two deaths of the star cross lovers? There are many reasons for the deaths of these two individuals. It could be the consciences of the people surrounding them both, it could be the feud between their families, or maybe some crucial events that inspired the conclusion of Romeo and Juliet like the Capulets ball, the quarrel between Romeo and Tybalt and the Friar John's Plague, or the timing and misguidance of others, and looking into further detail we could pin point some characters: Mercutio and Benvolio, Friar Laurence, Capulet or themselves, could be blamed for their deaths. But before we can judge each of these characters and events, we could certainly say that it was nothing but fate that brought these two lustful teens to their deaths. Many individuals were accountable for the deaths of Rome and Juliet. The friends of Romeo, Mercutio and Benvolio were slightly to blame. If Mercutio had not started a fight, and encouraged Tybalt, then neither he or Tybalt would have died. Mercutio was to blame for his own death as well as Tybalts although some would say that Romeo came in the way and got Mercutio killed. ...read more.


By this marriage he made Romeo a relative to the Capulets and by this: Mercutio would not have been slain by Tybalt and Romeo would not have killed Tybalt in revenge. Later in the play the Friar then offers Juliet the potion, which hypnotizes her for twenty-four hours, so she can avoid getting married to Paris, who is deeply upset when he sees her dead at the tomb and weeps. 'The obsequies that I for thee will keep nightly Shall be to strew thy grave and weep' (Act 5, 111, 16-17) He lets everyone think that Juliet is dead. Even though this saved Juliet from marrying Paris it also caused Romeo's death, as Friar took the duty to inform Romeo of Juliet's situation but failed to do so. His whole plan depended on the letter to Romeo. He did not think about making another plan in case the original one failed. If it had been different Romeo would not have though that Juliet was 'dead' and his state of mind and actions would have been different. The Friars selfishness is also to blame for when Juliet woke up and found Romeo dead she wanted to stay and he told her to escape with him before anyone came. 'Come I'll dispose of thee Among a sisterhood of holy nuns Stay not to question, for watch is coming Come, go, good Juliet. ...read more.


That power beyond their control has spoiled their plans, this power must be fate. I think that God works in mysterious ways and sometimes the bad things in life are actually good. We could say this about fate and the role that it plays in Romeo and Juliet. It turned hate to love although it also turned love to death. So we can say that fate played the most important role in this play. I believe that it did lead Romeo and Juliet to their deaths, although the ultimate choice was theirs. Fate was leading them to it. I do believe that we do have some say on how we turn out. Fate borough Rome and Juliet together but it was also their love, their action may have been predestined, but they were there own actions. They did not realise the consequences of their love. It is like an never ending circle of power, feeling, destiny, and actions. Fate needs the actions of others or the puppets just like the puppet needs the puppeteer. People will do things and fate will lead them to it. I think that the power to stop fate lies simply in a strong gesture where the 'puppet' becomes the 'puppeteer'. ?? ?? ?? ?? Aarti Patel ...read more.

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