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Who is responsible for Eva Smith's death and what role does the inspector play?

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Who is responsible for Eva Smith's death and what role does the inspector play? Mr Birling was the up bringer of Eva's Smiths untimely death. Eva smith worked for Mr Birling in his factory. When Eva Smith came to Mr Birling asking for a pay rise of a few shillings (226 to 25 shillings), he refused this as he wanted to keep labour costs down, after being deprived of a few shillings; she was then called a trouble maker and was fired just because of asking a few shillings more so she could live. Sheila was the second person to be blamed of Eva's unfortunate death, just when Eva got a job at milwards after a while of unemployment, she had got fired due to jealousy and power, this was because Sheila thought that the hat her mother picked out for her to try on, looked better on Eva when she tried it on than on Sheila. This made Sheila furious, so she said "I'd never go near this place again... ...read more.


little bit of money, she moved to the beach for a while to set her mind straight and go away from the grief and everything. Mr Croft undeniably chose society over Eva Smith. Mrs Birling was the fourth person and maybe the harshest to be blamed for the death of Eva Smith, as she was a charity group worker. Eva came to Mrs Birling pregnant and in need of great help she called herself "Mrs Birling" which made Sheila really angry and prejudiced and so never gave her any help just more grief, she alluded to her as very "a girl of that sort". As Sybil belongs to an honourable charity group who were supposed to help people. However she uses this power to prevent the people she viewed unworthy and undesirable, help; for example Eva Smith, but when she finds out that the father of Eva's child is her own son, she tried to protect him in everyway possible where as firstly she told Eva that he should be "publically embarrassed" she even thought that she was only doing this for money, she even could not see ...read more.


Inspector Goole is a strange eerie person who brings out the truth from everybody. The word Goole can mean ghost, he makes Sheila and Eric see what they have done wrong but Mr and Mrs Birling tried to carry on as if nothing happened, as if the whole situation of showing them what they have done was just a bad nightmare. He's supposed to represent Priestley's thoughts and ideas of the difference of the social inequalities. In my conclusion of this essay shows that even though inspector Goole had certain indifferences and a sort of unnatural sense to him, he managed to take the truth out at all of them, and making them feel guilty even though it might have been untrue with all the photos and evidence which he used to make them feel even more guilty and spite, which also made them confess everything, Sheila was the only person to feel sorry for what she had done but her parents just wanted to carry on with there normal lives as nothing had happened. ...read more.

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