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Who is responsible for Macbeth's downfall?

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Shakespeare Coursework Jana Moore Who is responsible for Macbeth's downfall? At the beginning of the play Macbeth knew nothing about his coming future neither about his downfall until he met three unknown beings. He had recently shown his courage in defeating a hugr rebel army assisted by Norwegian soldiers battling brave with another Scottish general called Banquo. On their way three witches stopped them. The first of them greeted Macbeth with his proper title Thane of Glamis. The second weird woman called him Thane of Cawdor he had no claim at all to this title. He was completely astonished when the third bid him "All hail!" King that will be!" Soon after their confrontation with the witches, messengers from the king arrived telling him he had been made Thane of Cawdor. This corresponded so miraculously with the prediction of the witches. Banquo said that these creatures of darkness tell us truths to make us wicked. But now thw itches suggestions had sunk deep into Mabeth's mind. From the beginning to this point where Macbeth has become Thane of Cawdor, he has changed dramatically. He ponders how he could accomplish his goal by one day becoming king. Macbeth now has ambition, ambition to go far and achieve until now he thought nothing of this. ...read more.


He can't believe what he has done and his mind is overtakne by sorrow. Mainly in Act One things are not what they seem. It principally starts by how the witches prophecies come to control Macbeth. Macbeth conquers the guilt and gradually returns to his normal self. He ahs been elected king and goes to Scone to be crowned. His friend Banquo fears that Macbeth has become king by evil means He lacks heart from the witches predictions for his own descendants. Macbeth requests Banquo to attend tonight's banquet. We can tell Macbeth has gained what he wants. He is powerful now that he has become king. His brain is destroyed, he is ruthless now. Macbeth has changed dramatically from being well respected to a mindless maniac who wants and will do anything to achieve prominence. We see he has evil intentions for Banquo but he hides them behind apparently well meaning words. He mentions several times that he wants Banquo's advice. Even though he has been taken over by the witches prophecies, deep down inside him there is a part, which is trying to stop him it is screaming for help. But the power of evil has possessed him to strongly and the Macbeth that was once faithful and courageous is now diminished. Macbeth plots Banquo's murder. He broads on his fears that Banquo's descendants will become kings. ...read more.


Spirits rise from the potion the witches brew. The first one tells him to becareful of Macduff. The second spirit proclaims to him not to fear the power of man, for no one born by a woman could hurt him and told him to be bloody, bold and resolute. The third spirit in the form of a crowned child comforts him against plots saying that he would not be beaten until Birnam Wood comes to Dunsinance. Macbeth thinks that everything will go his way. He is definite he will stay king. He leaves saying that the illusion of seeing Banquo's ghost is only the faer of a beginner who needs experience. We witness here that Macbeth has been taken over entirely. The power of control is also responsible for his downfall. Macbeth is convinced that he can overcome Macduff in battle. He is confident he cannot be exterminated. From hearing what the witches have just said he resolves to kill every member of Macduff's family he can catch. Conscience plays a big part between Macbeth and his wife. They have got what they wanted, but it has not brought them happiness. Macbeth is tortured by his conscience and although his wife tries to comfort himshe is too racked by anxiety. They have achieved their desire at great cost. They have accomplished immense authority and status by amoral means and have suffered the psychological consequences. From Macbeth's dominaion he totally forgets about his wife. ...read more.

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