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Who is responsible for the death of Desdemona?

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Who is responsible for the death of Desdemona? Shakespeare's play 'Othello' was written in the middle of his writing career. Shakespeare was well known and highly respected; he was loved by the public for the way he wrote his plays. Financially he was better off than most people and would have had an easier life. The time in which Othello was written, was at the start of the 1600's. The play Othello had originally come from an Italian author called Cinthio Geraldi, which was translated by a French researcher. The way, in which Shakespeare and Geraldi wrote in different styles, you could say Shakespeare 'spiced it up' when he changed the play. This being at the time of Elizabethan/ Jacobean England, which was a widely racist culture. A majority of Elizabethan England, prosecuted the minority of the ethnic race that was their and also disliked the moors. Often in Elizabethan/ Jacobean times they would not have black actors and instead 'black up' white actors. The queen Elizabeth I expressed signs of discomfort at the numbers of 'negars and blackamoors, which are crept in to the realm'. This showing how racist everyone was for instance thee queen of the country. At this time of present Shakespeare had done something drastic and put a black character at the centre of his work, however Shakespeare was determined to make this work and confront the audience to how they would view a black man at the centre ...read more.


Brabantio Desdemona's own father abandoned her when she had picked Othello over him; he acted this way as he could not control the confused lady and left her for granted with a man which he suddenly despised. 'Look to her, moor, if thou hast eyes to see: she has deceived her father and may thee'. Brabantio in fact should have acted more calmly and should have guarded his daughter through this.(Act 1 scene 3, lines 288 and 289) Next Cassio, arguably the most honourable and most respectable male character in the play. However cassio should have been more open with Othello and directly asked for his job back, by following Iago's advice this led to the death of Desdemona. 'Confess yourself freely to her' was Iago's advice this showing that a lot of people trusted iago and took his advice. However iago deceived them all and aimed to come into power. (Act 2 scene 3, line 289) The characters behave in different ways, as this was the beautiful way in which Shakespeare caused tension between characters and everything leads to the next. Shakespeare does this successfully as he does it for the audience, which love him. Iago was a decisive character in this play and played a major role in the killing of Desdemona. Firstly Iago decides to become like this when he does not gain promotion. ...read more.


'Yet she must die, else she'll betray more men' (Act 5 scene 2, line 6). After killing innocent Desdemona, he finds out that iago had told him lies and knows he has done wrong. 'When you shall these unlucky deeds relate'. Othello knows it is now too late and commits suicide by stabbing himself. (Act 5 scene 2, line 337) The death of Desdemona you could argue was caused by many characters. As some of them played major and some played minor roles in her death. However, there were two main culprits in particular, these being Iago and Othello. As Othello made a big mistake, for believing Iago in all of what occurred. Othello could have found out things for himself instead of trusting Iago so much. Othello was the actual one who killed Desdemona. However, if it weren't for Iago none of this would have happened. Iago deceived, manipulated and lied to many characters in the play, you could say he was the mastermind behind the operation. Not only was it the characters that caused the death of Desdemona, you could say the audience played their part in this. As they were racists they would have wanted to see the black man kill the white lady. They didn't think much of the ethnic cultures, therefore the play wouldn't have been successful if it wasn't for the audience and they got to see what they wanted. Hasan Khan 10M ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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