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Who is responsible for the deaths of Romeo and Juliet?

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Who is responsible for the deaths of Romeo and Juliet? Romeo and Juliet are two star crossed lovers who have a death marked love. The play has many culprits, which could be criticized to be responsible fo0r the deaths of Romeo and Juliet. I believe that fate is the most responsible due to its ultimate force which determines the actions of the rest of the characters. Wide spread belief in fate would have had a significant influence upon an Elizabethan audience as it was commonly believed that there was a force greater than that of any individual directing their lives. This is illustrated at the beginning in the Prologue as Romeo and Juliet are described as, 'a pair of star crossed lovers'. This shows that the stars were against the two lovers and there was no way out of their failure. Although these times and signs prophesised failure and the way the star crossed lovers were destined to fail was still to be encountered. The importance of the opening is very significant; the struggle to overcome the situation makes the audience sympathetic for Romeo and Juliet's. Another important aspect of this knowledge is that the audience feels the tension increase significantly when something happens as if makes them ask themselves 'Is this the end of Romeo and Juliet'? ...read more.


'I will withdraw, but this intrusion shall, now seeming sweet, convert to the bitterest gull' (1.5.90-91). Eventually his words of revenge come true but to his own regret when he kills Mercutio, he himself is slaughtered by Romeo. This act of vengeance soon becomes harsh when Romeo is banished. His actions leave the lovers in a dangerous situation and the rest of the plot seems to only go plummeting down hill. Tybalt reaches his 'revenge'. The conflict has a direct effect on both the lovers and the love through out the play. The conflict also produces confusion in the love such as when Juliet can not understand the situation and is confused by the thought of Romeo slaying Tybalt and then being banished, this is portrayed by the use of oxymoron in her speak. 'that banished that word banished. Hath slain ten thousand Tybalts' this quotation indicates to us that the love is intense between the lovers; this is shown in the quote because Juliet finds Romeo's banishment to Mantua more painful than ten thousand dead Tybalts. Another example is the nurse when she became dismissive of the lovers situation and told Juliet to go ahead and marry Paris, from the loving and nurturing character she was before she realized, the amount of trouble she actually could have been in. ...read more.


His ambition to bring peace is shown in his agreement to unite the lovers in marriage and when problems arise he is there to supply help and advise them. For example when Romeo is banished and the plan is set, but the plan is ruined by fate. Thus, the friar can only be blamed to a certain extent. But a mistake that the friar is undoubtedly blamed for is that he doesn't reach the lifeless body of Juliet before Romeo could find it and commit suicide. 'I hear some noise, lady, come from that rest of death, contagion, and unnatural sleep. A greater power then we can contradict. Hath unwanted our intents......come go. Good Juliet. I dare no longer stay' (5.3.151-159). The friar's strength, confidence and dedication to his religion are contrasted with his now helpless and scared character in Act5 Scene3. Juliet senses the friar's loss in strength and faith; this is why she disagrees to leave without her beloved husband. She leaves this destiny not on her feet but in her endless sleep. This tragic story ends in a catastrophic way and quite clearly all the fingers point at Fate to be the most responsible for the lover's deaths. Fate has been clearly covering this whole story in its clutches even though it isn't there to be seen but it has a definite and strong affect on this heartbreaking end. usman mirza 10s english ...read more.

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