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Who Is Responsible For the Deaths Of Romeo And Juliet?

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Who Is Responsible For the Deaths Of Romeo And Juliet? William Shakespeare the famous playwright and poet, wrote in the late 1500's, one of the most respected tragedies of all time "Romeo and Juliet". The play is about "two star crossed lovers" who are from rival families and are doomed to die in a fate sealed by the cold shed blood of friends and family. Romeo and Juliet first meet at a party and afterwards arrange to get married the following day. Soon after the wedding there is a big fight between the two houses and in the confusion Juliet's cousin is slaughtered and Romeo is banished. Juliet, whilst in hysterics about Romeo's banishment, seeks the help of the able and slightly senile Friar Lawrence. The friar, being a man of the church, agrees to help Juliet and arranges for her to sneak away after she has drunk a potion which will make her seem dead to the world for 42 hours. The plan goes according to plan until Romeo fails to receive word from Friar Lawrence about the plan. ...read more.


There are many places in which they could have tried to do something but inevitably they were doomed to die so was there really a point in trying? The parents were feuding with each other but no-one seems to know why, this is probably the main reason that took them to take their own lives. This is because they cannot see each other or love each other all because they have been sworn natural enemies for generations upon generations. This means that they have to see and love each other in private which means that they can never be together apart form in death. "My sword, I say! Old Montague is come and flourishes his blade in spite of me!" Capulet, Romeo & Juliet The Capulet parents arrange for her to marry Paris and because she can't say "no", because religious beliefs were so tight in those days that you had to obey your parents, and she couldn't tell them that she was already married, she has to go to Friar Lawrence to pretend that she is dead, so that she can sneak off with Romeo. ...read more.


"If you ever disturb our streets again, your lives shall pay the price." Prince Esculas, Romeo and Juliet "And I, for winking at your discords too, have lost a brace of kinsmen. All are punished." Prince Esculas, Rome and Juliet The Prince also banished Romeo for slaying Tybalt instead of talking to him and hearing the full side of the story before banishing him. This is not on, because the Prince being the law around Verona should of heard the story and not banished him but just work out someway of repaying the family for what he has done but then again ask the question, "Shouldn't he have stopped the feud earlier, and if he did wouldn't Tybalt still be alive?" well the answer to that question would have been "yes". Also if Romeo hadn't been banished he and his wife Juliet would still be alive instead of lying on a cold limestone slab dead because he wouldn't of needed to go to Mantua when he was banished because he wasn't. Also if Romeo was in Verona he would have known about the plot to make it look as though Juliet was dead and therefore still wouldn't have been dead. [Enter Quote From Text Here] ...read more.

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