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Who is responsible for the final tragedy in romeo and juliet

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Romeo and Juliet 'Romeo and Juliet' is one of the most world renowned plays by William Shakespeare; it is still performed, read and watched all around the world for many different purposes. The play deals with destiny, fate, rivalry, conflict, status and of course love. All the events take place within 72hours. The aim of this essay is to show who is responsible for the tragic deaths nearing the end of the play. Hopefully with all the analysis and evidence that will be collected about the characters that I have reason to chose, I will be able to make a fair conclusion. As in any story there is always a complication and then solution without this the story would not be interesting and would be straight forward. In Romeo and Juliet this sequence of tragedy and rejoice carries on throughout the play many times with many people taking responsibility for their actions. I have also ranked the characters which I believe where responsible for the out comings. The first person that I am going blame is Romeo Montague; there are many reasons to why I have chosen him as the most responsible. In Act 1 Scene 1 we find out that Romeo is a fool for love, because the text says that Romeo is divested that he Rosalind, his cousin that he loves, does not love him. He feels that his fate is in the stars, as quoted "I feat too early, some consequence in the stars". Benvolio takes Romeo to a party which will be held by the Montague's enemy, the Capulets, as quoted in the script "Examine other beauties" By fate Romeo is overwhelmed by the beauty of Juliet and instantly falls in love again, this is fate or destiny because this is where the story begins, you may call it love at first sight. So you could say that if Romeo had not accepted the offer to attend this party, knowing that it was a held by the Capulets and ...read more.


thought that he does not love her and she would move on, Paris would not have died and maybe Romeo would may have fallen in love with another girl, but of course we don't know if this might have happened because it didn't happen. The first mistake that the Friar made was to marry Romeo and Juliet hastily, he should have consulted someone, and he should have asked Romeo and Juliet to ask their parents, he maybe should have got a second opinion. The second mistake the Friar made was making a very risky plan without thinking it through with Romeo and Juliet in the same room, he gave her the potion. Romeo on the other hand was sent a letter informing him of the plan, but he never received it on time, it was because maybe a town nearby Mantua was infested with the plague and that was the only way through, so the person carrying the letter would be told that he could not pass, in case he spreads the disease resulting in him to receiving valuable mail. The friar should have waited to see if a reply comes from Romeo before starting with the plan, although instead of sending the letter via another personal, he should have delivered the message himself, meaning that if he could not send the message he could come back and change the plan. As the Friar had made many mistake which could mean the end of his career, he had a chance to come clean, he could have put poison into the potion that he gave to Juliet, but even the Friar was not that cold blooded. In act 5 scene 3, when the Juliet wakens she asks the Friar as to where her love is, the Friar explains and then tries to cover up involvement by asking Juliet "...come, I'll dispose of thee among a sisterhood of holy nuns." ...read more.


If in the beginning people cared more about other people than themselves then none of this would have happened. As we see in the opening scene, a battle between the families representing the anger and feud they had for each other. The right thing to do would be to hold a truce, meaning that they should act like mature people and sit down and talk about this rather than try to kill each other. If there was peace between the families from the start then none of this would have happened. Romeo and Juliet may have fallen in love and both families would have agreed because they would have loved their children so much that they would do what was right. Tybalt may not have been killed, the marriage may not have been prepared in secrecy, the Friar would not have been in the situation were he might loose his career, Juliet would not have had been threatened of being thrown to from her home to live on the streets, Mercutio would not have died, Romeo would not have died and of course so wouldn't Juliet. They would have lived happy knowing that their parents are happy too. but as I have mentioned in the beginning of this essay, a story without a dilemma then a solution would not be an interesting story, it would be dull, people in the time of Shakespeare did not want to come to the globe theatre to watch a sissy love play, they want to see blood, they want to see pain, suffering, fighting, romance, betrayal and humour, these all make a great story and Romeo and Juliet has nearly all of them. That is why it is so successful. Finally, I strongly believe that the perspectives of all the people at that period of time, mainly both the family leaders are responsible for the deaths of Romeo and his wife Juliet at the end of the play. ?? ?? ?? ?? Mohammed Hussein Ahmed (Asghar Yusuf) ...read more.

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