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Who is the hero of 'Arms and the Man'? Give your reasons.

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Who is the hero of 'Arms and the Man'? Give your reasons. Raina and Bluntschli are both the heroes of 'Arms and the Man' due that the play starts and develops around them. However, a definition of a 'hero' must first be identified and in this case a 'hero' is "someone who inspires through manners and actions; an individual who leads through personal example and accomplishments requiring bravery, skill, determination, and other admirable qualities" as well as "the principal character in a play or movie or novel or poem". Therefore, by looking at this definition, Raina and Bluntschli can be quickly identified as heroes because both have those "admirable qualities" such as bravery, skill, determination, intelligence and responsibility. One the most important qualities of the play is bravery. Both Raina and Bluntschli risk their lives for each other. Raina, at the start of the play shows her bravery by saving Bluntschli from the Bulgarian army and allows him to stay in her room even when she knew that if she was found she would be in trouble with the government and she would lose her reputation because it was seen immoral by society for a woman to have a man in her bedroom. ...read more.


They reach their aims either to help others or themselves. Raina's skill is widely used throughout the play and she even makes a point that she has "always gone on like that". Therefore, Raina have acquired certain skills, which show intelligence and ability to get what she wants. Another example is that "she always appears at the right moment", therefore she has the skill to make a heroic and at the same time, dramatic entrance. This shows confidence and security as well as an emphasis that she is not a fool. Moreover, she is intelligent enough to understand what Sergius does to Louka and she doesn't ignore the feelings she has, although she plays them well until the right moment when she has to make Sergius face that she saw him "making love to Louka", therefore, she knows how to act cautiously in certain situations, making the most of it. Bluntschli on the other hand, is intelligent in a different way. He knows how to get the best out of a situation with the use of humour. This can be appreciated when Sergius challenges him and Bluntschli calmly makes a fool out of Sergius due to the fact that Sergius is "a cavalry man" while he is "in the artillery" and has "a choice of weapons" therefore he'll take "the machine gun". ...read more.


Moreover, he shows confidence in his work by having a "quick, sure, businesslike progress." Therefore, Bluntschli here combines qualities of a hero such as intelligence, responsibility and skill. In conclusion, in 'Arms and the Man', there is not just one hero but two heroes who are Raina and Bluntschli. Both characters have the "heroic characteristics" but show them in particular ways. Both characters are brave, determined, intelligent and with various skills. However the most important characteristic is that both are able to show their feelings to one another, Bluntschli by going back to the house to see Raina and Raina by accepting that she saved her "chocolate cream soldier." These feelings are a very important characteristic of heroes because no other character shows real love to the other. Raina's love with Sergius was not real because both exaggerated when they were not sure about their feelings. The same happened to Louka who wants Sergius but only for his good looks and his money and not for who he is. This contrasts the love between Bluntschli and Raina because their love is real and it is not based on the possessions each one has. Yamile Jasaui 16-06-04 jasauiy@students.markham.edu.pe ...read more.

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