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Who is the Inspector and what does he represent?

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Who is the Inspector and what does he represent? An Inspector calls is a play that was written by John Boynton Priestly in 1945 but set in 1912 just before World War 1. The play shows how people like the Birling family felt about matters with class and hierarchy plus how people should look after themselves and forget the idea of a community all this is revealed throughout the investigation brought forth by Inspector Goole. The inspector himself is very commanding; in the way he breaks down people's defences and gets them to talk about their matters with Eva Smith. He also shows a magical presence in the way he seems to know what they are going to say. This intimidates the family and makes them bring out the truth. In this essay I will brief you on the Birling family and their beliefs, highlight the Inspector's approach and how he works, talk about social messages and show you the Inspector's impact he has on people Before the arrival of the Inspector the Birling family were very happy and jolly, because Sheila was due to marry Gerald Croft so they were in full flow celebrating as well commenting ...read more.


"We've no proof it was the same photograph and therefore no proof it was the same girl." The Inspector also shows this power, of knowing what is going to happen next, and what people are thinking but don't want to say, a bit like a mind reader. With this tool he manipulates the Birling family into telling the truth about how well they new Eva Smith and what they had to do with her. Sheila is the first one to realize this almost magical power and is distressed when the Inspector uses it on her mother who walks straight into the trap. "He is giving us the rope so we can hang ourselves." However the older generations of the Birling family do not see this at all and just assume that Sheila is acting childish. You could say that the Inspector is very strong minded because he does not get intimidated by the Birling status you can see this when Mr Birling is tell him who he is and who he knows. Therefore he can do his job and investigate. ...read more.


Eric does not seem to care and neither does Sheila. The argument escalates into a family matter about how important this is to the family. This all changes when they begin to think that Mr Goole was not a real inspector, and is later proved by Mr Croft, "that man wasn't a police officer." I believe in the idea of a community and that things you do will affect the outcome of others anywhere in the world even if you do not know them. I think that the Inspectors role in the play is vital in getting the messages through to the audience. However I do feel not everyone can change easily. Older generations are more stubborn to change and than the younger therefore as we move on it is the younger generations' responsibility to help and improve the world so it is a better place for every one of all classes and race. We definitely see this throughout the play because the older Generation don't seem to care as much apart from themselves but the younger generation start to feel different. ?? ?? ?? ?? 3 Luke Nettleford GCSE English Coursework ...read more.

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