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Who is the inspector, why did he call and what did the characters learn from his visit? J.B. Priestlys' "An Inspector Calls".

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Who is the inspector, why did he call and what did the characters learn from his visit? J.B. Priestly wrote the play "An Inspector Calls" in 1945, it was set in a small town in north England called Bromley in 1912. The main characters are Arthur Birling, Sheila Birling, Gerald Croft, Sybil Birling and Eric Birling. Arthur and Sybil Birling are married, Eric and Sheila are their children and Gerald Croft is Sheila Birling's fianc�e. The significance of the above dates are that J.B. Priestly tried to show how hypocritical the upper class people were towards the working class people and it is before the war and the sinking of the Titanic. In my opinion the Inspector is a time traveller because he knows everything that has happened in the future and in the past. 'Time present and time past are both perhaps present in time future and time future contained in time past'. T.S. Eliot wrote this quote in 1935. ...read more.


After finding out about the inspector Shelia was upset but she had suspected the inspector was a fake. The discovery that the inspector may have been talking about more than one girl, really shocked Shelia and made her feel really guilty and upset. "Yes the same photograph". The quote is taken from the conversation between Gerald and Shelia. Gerald asks Shelia if she has seen a photo of a girl and Shelia is certain that it is the same photo that Gerald had seen. It shows how certain Shelia was about seeing the same photo but was then totally shocked when she found out there might be more than one girl that they are talking about. Shelia was happy but frightened when she found out no girl had died in this way. She was angry with the rest of her family for the way they had begun to learn something and then now just because a girl had not died, they would carry on being horrible and unfair to lower class people. ...read more.


He came up with the idea after discussing with his family that the inspector may of shown each of them a different photo, his reasons for thinking this where because the inspector did not let anyone else see the photo accept the person he was talking to. Gerald was confused " A man comes here pretending to be a police officer. He's a hoax of some kind". The quote shows how sure Gerald was, that the inspector was not real or it could also be Gerald saying what he wants to hear and hopes that its true. The discovery that no girl had died after all made Gerald really happy and he wanted a drink. In my opinion the drink was to help get rid of his guilty conscience. In think that Gerald did actually think that there was a lesson to be learned but didn't actually learn it. The play is a traditional detective play with all the strange happenings, murder, suspicion and suspense. J.B. Priestly has used all these actions to create an effective play which keeps the audience guessing throughout. ...read more.

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