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Who is the most striking character in the play A view from the bridge?

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Who is the most striking character in the play A view from the bridge? After reading A view from the bridge, I am certain that the most outstanding character in the play is Marco. Marco is an Italian immigrant that moved illegally to the United States of America with his brother Rodolpho to work as longshoremen. In the play, we are told that Marco's plan is to make enough money to survive and be able to send some of that money to his wife and his three kids back in Italy, who are starving because of war in Italy. Marco physically resembles the Sicilian stereotype, with dark skin and dark hair. He is also very tough and he could easily do his job by himself. ...read more.


For example, the killing of Eddie by Marco's own hands at the end of the play, is the final display of his character. Marco's character is certainly shown more by his actions than by his words. In fact, when Eddie was making fun of his brother Rodolpho, instead of replying to him in words, he chose to use his strength to get his point across by lifting the chair. As a final insult to Eddie, Marco decides to spit in his face in front of everybody. This is because in the Italian civilization, that act is considered as a tremendous expression of anger toward a person, and it is hardly ever left without retribution. In addition, the action of going to the church before facing Eddie shows us that he is very spiritual and cares about his soul. ...read more.


But only in the second act his character is fully exposed and we see his image transform into a round character. In this play, Marco is shown as the victim, since he hasn't done anything to Eddie but he still gets arrested. Also, although his brother Rodolpho gets away with it by marrying Catherine, he has no other alternative but to go back to his starving wife and sick children in Italy therefore we feel sorry for Marco. These feelings and knowing that Eddie has no doubts for what he has done makes him furious, and at the end of the play he wants vengeance. I think that this play wouldn't be anything without the character Marco because without him Eddie would of got away with what he had done and have no regrets. ...read more.

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