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Who is the Protagonist

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English Essay- Who is the Protagonist In the play, "Julius Caesar" by William Shakespeare, there are two main characters, Brutus and Caesar. One of these two characters is more important than the other and therefore the protagonist in the play. This essay will show that Brutus is the most important character in the play, and give numerous reasons why, such as; that he is considered the noblest and most honourable of Romans by numerous people, he is the only conspirator that has no selfish intentions, he is a leader to many, and that he is a great friend, but it will also show his many faults and wrongly made choices throughout the play. ...read more.


They wish him to join their cause so that all of Rome will see Brutus' nobility and see that the cause was just, "That which would appear offence in us his countenance, like richest alchemy, will change to virtue and to worthiness." This view of Brutus is also seen by the crowd after Caesar's murder when he speaks to the crowd, "Caesar's better parts be crown'd in Brutus." And this continues right until the last few lines of the play where we even see Brutus' enemies proclaim he is the noblest of Romans. Antony himself stands over his dead body and mourns and the greatness of this man, "This was the noblest Roman of them all." ...read more.


over his dead body, "All the conspirators save only he did that they did in envy of great Caesar; He only, in a general honest thought and common good to all, made one of them." Brutus also shows us that he truly only kills Caesar out of this love for Rome. He does not want to kill him as he is a great friend, but he does so as he cares for the common good of all. When the conspirators first meet in Brutus' house, we see that Brutus takes charge of them and over rules Cassius. Cassius brings uo the idea that they shall also kill Antony, but Brutus over rules him as his cause is only against Caesar as he is the who threatens the liberty of Rome. ...read more.

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