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Who is to be blamed for the Tragedy? - Although Romeo and Juliet were victims of ill fate and bad luck. There were two individuals that could have stopped this from happening.

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ROMEO AND JULIET ESSAY Who is to be blamed for the Tragedy? Although Romeo and Juliet were victims of ill fate and bad luck. There were two individuals that could have stopped this from happening. The first person to be blamed would be Romeo he seem irresponsible one hour before the ball in the Capulets house he was deeply in love with rosaline at the ball he completely forgets about rosaline and flirts with Juliet. This is proved when he goes to friar Lawrence for the marriage of his and Juliet's. The friar asks Romeo "God pardon sin! Wast thou with rosaline?" Romeo answers "With rosaline, my ghostly father? No; I have forgot that name, and that's name's woe. This shows how immature Romeo really is. Romeo is the montages only son. At the beginning he thinks he is in love with a girl we never see. It is the idea of being a lover that appeals to Romeo. Though he rapidly forgets Rosaline when he meets Juliet he is hasty and obsessive. He falls in love with Juliet the daughter of a foe and marries her not once thinking of the consequences that would follow and the prospects of the dispute that has disturbed the streets of Verona for decades. ...read more.


Friar Laurence had many chances to stop the tragedy for one he shouldn't of considered getting Romeo and Juliet married in the first place. Romeo and Juliet were to young to think for themselves. They couldn't just fallen in love over a few minutes of talking to each other. He should of thought it over clearly before considering to getting them married. Secondly after the marriage he should of told them to run away or tell their parent that they have married (maybe not such a good idea) although if they had ran away it would have saved them from most of the trouble that was caused from them being there in the first place. Thirdly if Friar Laurence had given Juliet the potion he should of made sure he sent the message straight away to Romeo and informed Romeo's friend Balthasar who knew about Romeo and Juliet's marriage and tells Romeo that Juliet had committed suicide near the end of the play. Although Friar Laurence had good intensions but it only precipitated the tragedy. A Friar of the order of Saint Francis. The hermit Friar Laurence meditates on good and evil-in flowers and men. The Friar is a holy man and believes in peace. And collects and mixes herbal remedy potions. ...read more.


What's the point of having a husband when he's not with you. The nurse starts to please Capulet and Lady Capulet more than she pleases Juliet because of the recent incidents in the Capulet house. And Juliet feels helpless as the only person that understood is telling her to get married to Paris. The nurse is a key part in the tragedy for if she wasn't involved in trying to please everyone this tragedy would of taken place. At the time when Shakespeare wrote his play, it was not fashionable for noble ladies (like lady Capulet) to feed their own infants. Instead they gave the baby to a peasant woman who had recently given birth to a child. And she would feed the child for three to four years and it is likely that she would develop a maternal affection for the child as though it was her own. Juliet's nurse has such an affection for Juliet-strengthened, probably, by the fact that her own daughter, Susan, is dead (Act 1, Scene 3, Lines 18). She is eager to assist Juliet in her secret marriage, but after Tybalt's death she is bewildered and frightened. She tries to please everyone whom she serves. My conclusion is that both Friar Laurence and Juliet's nurse both played a strong part in the tragedy even though neither of them intended to. They caused the tragedy ...read more.

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