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Who is to blame for Eva Smith's death?

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An Inspector Call Who is to blame for Eva Smith's death? By Surya Syarief J.B Priestley is the person who wrote the play; An Inspector Calls. He wrote the play in 1945 after the Second World War. An Inspector Calls then produced in London the next year. It is set in 1912 two years before the First World War. It seems that Priestly had an intention to show an important message towards his post World War audience: A morality play through which Priestley is emphasising the need for the social and communal responsibility. There are also many national crises for many issue e.g. women's rights, industrial strikes etc. The main story is about a character, which does not appear in the play. Her name is Eva Smith. In the play, Eva was in a chain of events that led her to her suicide. All the characters with the exception of the inspector played a role, which drove Eva towards her suicide. In the play, the audience have been able to see the dramatic irony of Arthur Birling's optimistic speeches in which he talked about the Future. ...read more.


Within two months she was sacked. Sheila Birling was in the Clothes Shop, she demanded the manager of the shop to get rid of Eva Smith. This had happen because Sheila saw Eva with a dress that did not suit her (Sheila). Eva held the dress up as if she was wearing it. It made Sheila Jealous of Eva because it suited her and also because she was much prettier. It was an inappropriate behaviour of Sheila, using her social class to attack a working class girl on a stupid and a pathetic issue of jealousy. Gerald Croft is the son of Birling's business rival. He seems be bright, polite and charming by the first impression. He also hardworking confident man. In Act-two, the Inspector caught Gerald; he was cheating on Sheila. At the time he was with a woman name, Daisy Renton whom was Eva Smith has claimed name. Gerald met her in a bar. Gerald came to her and soon made her his mistress. Gerald gave a roof over Eva' head and he shows caring towards her. Eventually Gerald left Daisy (Eva) ...read more.


He tried to give stolen money for her. Eric also was angry with her mother for what happen to her in the charity organisation. The reason Eva claimed that she is one Mrs Birling is that she was pregnant. The father is Eric. Eric was in pieces. (Nearly at breaking point)"Then-you killed her. She came to you to protect me" This quote indicates Eric's anger. The Inspector left the house in an awful mess. The Inspector seems to know the truth from the beginning and he wanted the people to tell the truth. The Inspector is an enigmatic figure without a first name. He nether changers nor develops throughout the play. He frequently states, 'I have not much'. He can be seen as a kind of spirit sent on behalf of the dead girl to torment consciences of the characters in the play. He is single-minded in pursuing his line e of investigation and is certain of his facts. While present, no one challenges his version of events. I find it fascinating by the way; the characters gradually change by confessing the truth and the changes from happy families and into a family from Jerry Springer. It is like a quote I rather remember from Macbeth: "Be Th'innocent flower, and the serpent underneath" Surya Syarief Homework 10CAW. Surya Co-operation ltd ...read more.

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