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Who is to blame for the death of Romeo & Juliet?

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Who is to blame for the death of Romeo & Juliet? I think that it is hard to blame just one person for their tragic deaths. However I think that all of these characters are partly to blame. Romeo because, he acted far to fast throughout the whole story. He knew that Juliet was a Capulet from the first time he kissed her but still continued seeing her, even though their families were enemies. Romeo should not have asked Juliet to marry him so quickly, they hardly knew each other, After Tybalt killed Mercutio, Romeo acted violently towards Tybalt and without thinking he killed Tybalt. This resulted in Romeo being banished from Verona meaning that he could not see Juliet or his family. When Romeo heard of the news that his love, Juliet was dead he rushed back to Verona without thinking. Which eventually resulted in his death. I think that Romeo Got 'Loved up too quickly' Juliet deceived her parents. ...read more.


Friar Lawrence was responsible for helping Juliet fake her death, by getting her the poison, and promised to get the letter to Romeo, which he never received causing him to think that Juliet was in fact dead, and not unconscious. The nurse encouraged their relationship and strongly encouraged Juliet. She even carried messages to help the lovers meet, and eventually get married in secret. She should have told Lord and Lady Capulet about the relationship that Juliet was having with Romeo. The Nurse advised Juliet to marry Paris, knowing full well that Juliet was already married to Romeo, which would then make Juliet a, polyandry. If the Prince had acted earlier to stop the dispute between the Montague's and the Capulet's, then maybe it wouldn't have resulted in the deaths of four characters. The Prince also shouldn't have banished Romeo from Verona for killing Tybalt, when the fight was originally started by Tybalt. ...read more.


It could have just been down to pure fate, as to why Romeo and Juliet came to a tragic end. They were doomed from the start, nothing was on their side. Maybe it was fate that Romeo and Juliet met at the party, and fell in love at first sight. It was possibly just bad luck that the letter from Friar Lawrence to Romeo didn't reach him in time to inform him of the plan for Juliet's false death. If the letter reached Romeo in time then both of their lives could have been saved. If mercutio never gave Romeo a ticket to the capulet's party, then Romeo wouldn't have met Juliet. Then they wouldn't have fallen in love. Juliet could have spoken sooner when Romeo was going to drink the poison. If none of this happened then there would have been no problem. I can't decide who was most to blame for their death, but I think that Friar Lawrence and the Nurse had a strong influence on the two lovers. ...read more.

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