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Who is to blame for the deaths in Shakespeare's play 'Romeo and Juliet'?

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Who is to blame for the deaths in Shakespeare's play 'Romeo and Juliet'? I think that tybalt and Romeo are to blame for the deaths in shakespeare's 'Romeo and Juliet' because if Romeo was not were he was not meant to be then Tybalt would not have gone off in a raving mad trantrum then everyone would have been better off. But Romeo is also in fault because if he hadn't gone to the party were he first encountered Juliet then Tybalt cant have seen him which wouldn't have sent him off in a trantrum. In my essay I will show who is to blame for the deaths and that there is a great feeling of love between two feuding familys. In Romeo and Juliet there is this feud between two familys. There is young love in the air from both familys and Tybalt does'nt like it so he decides to take the ...read more.


Death is mentioned about six times. First to die is Mercutio slayed by Tybalt, Tybalt then slayed by Romeo, Romeo then committed suicide, then Juliet committed suicide, then Lady Montague and Paris. As love and hatered are both very big in 'Romeo and Juliet' and if two people fall in love from familys who have been enimie's for years on end the fact that they love each other wont go down well and people will throw a tantrum as we have seen by Tybalt. This all leads up to someone getting hurt or killed and in this case several killed. Mercutio died because of Tybalt. If Tybalt had not have arrived and started a fight with Mercutio then im sure that romeo would not have died Mercutio would have been alive still and Juliet would still be alive, Romeo would have killed Tybalt if he were to actually fight Romeo instead of kill his friend then run off. ...read more.


The deaths of Romeo and Juliet were sad because as she was waking up from her sleeping potion he had just drunk a bottle of poison but he did not die instantly he saw she awoke then died. straight after she killed herself. Juliets death occured because of her father driving her into a unwanted marrage she wanted a way out and unfortunatly Romeo caught the wrong end of the stick and killed himself just before happiness was about to occur. All in all it is Romeo's fault for the deaths, because if he was not at the party that he was not invited to none of this young love would have kicked off which means Tybalt would not have had to fly off the hook and throw as many tantrums as he did. But everyone did add to the deaths because of suicides and murders and poison's then there would not be as many deaths as there would be. ...read more.

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