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Who is to blame for the deaths of Romeo and Juliet?

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Who is to blame for the deaths of Romeo and Juliet? For many years people have been arguing over the reasons for the deaths of Romeo and Juliet. The play is a tragedy, there are many characters that play a role in contributing to the tragic events in the play. It has an intense atmosphere throughout, emotions of love and hate are present. The play takes place over five days and the events take place very quickly, which eventually leads to the deaths of Romeo and Juliet. The deaths are tragic. They are found lying beside each other, dead. Romeo having taken poison because he thinks his Juliet was dead and once Juliet had found he lover dead next to her she too killed herself by the stabbing of a knife. There are many people who can be blamed for the deaths of Romeo and Juliet. In this essay I will discuss which characters are to blame and to what extent. I will first discuss to what extent Romeo is to blame for his and Juliet's deaths. Romeo plays a major part in the play. Romeo is intense, passionate and impulsive throughout the play and does not think about the consequences of his actions, which leads to his death in which he consumes the poison too fast without thinking. ...read more.


Mercutio is also violent like Tybalt. He makes the situation worse, for example when he encourages Romeo to fight Tybalt "o calm dishonourable, vile submission!" This fight leads to the death of Mercutio himself, which also lead to Romeo being banished from Verona and therefore the deaths of Romeo and Juliet. His last words before he dies are that he blamed the two families for his death "A plague o' both your houses". The prince has a duty too keep peace in the city of Verona. His duty has not been fulfilled. He could have acted early and stopped what was a minor feud that became an unstoppable hate between the two families. Some may argue that if he had not banished Romeo from Verona then the deaths of Romeo and Juliet may not have occurred so tragically. He did warn the two families but he did not do enough "throw your mistemper'd weapons to the ground" and "if you ever disturb our streets again", therefore if had done more to stop the feud this tragedy may not have occurred. Friar Laurence, who should have acted in the wishes of the parents not Romeo and Juliet. ...read more.


Fate, this is not a person, which we can blame, but an idea. It can be said that fate has controlled Romeo and Juliet's lives from the moment of conception. All the events that took place were because of fate, fate controls what happens in your life and it cannot be changed. Everything that happens in your life is destined to happen and nothing can stop it. In the context of the Elizabethan age, fate played a big part in what happened to a person. In conclusion Lord and lady Capulet is to blame. This decision I made was based around all the evidence and arguments made. They had the power to stop the feud between the families, but they did not do anything to rectify the matter. This led to deep anger and an unstoppable feud, in which two young and innocent individuals were caught up in. Their young minds did not understand the full extent of the feuds, they took risks that they did not understand fully the outcome, and they couldn't talk to their parents about the situation because they would've known that they would keep them from seeing each other. Their parents had failed (as parents) and did not fulfil the job of loving and caring parents, which led to the horrific tragedy of the two deaths. By, Kamlesh vadukul (10 set3 English) ...read more.

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