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Who is to blame for the deaths of Romeo and Juliet?

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Who is to blame for the deaths of Romeo and Juliet? Romeo and Juliet's death could be seen as a consequence of many peoples actions, their own included. Directly and indirectly people could be blamed actions have consequences whether they are disastrous or beneficial depends on the primary action. There were many actions that can be seen to be helping but in truth aren't. Romeo and Juliet is a story of how two young people fall in love at first sight, however due to a long lasting feud between their respective families, their love has to be secret. As they are not permitted to share their forbidden love they go about finding and implementing ways to see each other. Romeo and Juliet's downfall results from a plan to be together that goes wrong. But many people can share some blame for their deaths. Romeo himself carries a large proportion of the blame as he is a heavy influence where Juliet's actions are concerned. ...read more.


By taking the potion and following Friar Lawrence's plan is again an example of Juliet's naivety. By following the plan to be with Romeo but without having a main input on the plan itself. Juliet admits herself that she can be of no good by saying "if in thy wisdom thou canst give no help" this shows that she could have no input even if she wanted to. If Juliet had told her parents they may have been understanding about the situation however she assumed that they wouldn't be and avoided telling them and they had to find out for their selves, enraging them. Lord and Lady Capulet and Montague have a large part to play in the deaths of Romeo and Juliet. Reasons they could be held partially if not completely responsible may include; The initial fued between the families, created a hatred to anyone linked by blood or service between the families. ...read more.


As this was the 4th civil brawl Romeo is exiled, as before warned by Prince . This distance between Romeo and Juliet, makes them long for each other even more so, forcing their plans to become more drastic. Friar Lawrence can be seen as partially responsible too. By marrying the two families together Friar Lawrence could have turned the feud two ways, to either resolve or it may have gotten worse. Also he devised the final plan that immediately caused the deaths. The plan was simple but bad timing and miss communication brought about the tragedy. Romeo kills himself slightly before Juliet Awakes, once Juliet arises and realises Romeo is dead, she too wants to die, this is evident as Juliet says, "...And left no friendly drop, to help me after". Many peoples actions can be seen to be a main cause or reason behind Romeo and Juliet's deaths. Proportions of blame can be labelled to certain people or all can share an equal amount of blame. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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