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Who is to blame for the deaths of Romeo and Juliet? Romeo and Juliet is a love tragedy written by William Shakespeare

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Who is to blame for the deaths of Romeo and Juliet? Romeo and Juliet is a love tragedy written by William Shakespeare. It's a best loved story about two young lovers, not yet even adults who cannot understand why their families have this hatred for each other for so many years. These two families can't remember how it even started and why they hate each other, but it's that hatred that keeps them apart. So they choose to die together than live without each other. As I stated before this is a Shakespearean tragedy which always have the main character die by their own or somebody else's hand however, the characters would have made decisions and choices during the play which meant that they would die. At the start of the play the Capulet and Montague servants are fighting, Benvolio (Romeo's cousin) tries to stop them, however Tybalt joins in. the officers arrive and the Prince warns them that if there is anymore fighting caused by the Capulet or Montague they will be punished with death. That is where the story begins. The prologue walks on stage dressed all in black and tells the audience what the play is about. The prologue tells us the Capulet and Montague are "both alike in dignity" which means they are both alike, same power, same families really but their "ancient grudge" which means that this hatred between Capulet and Montague has been around for years and years causing problems in fair Verona. ...read more.


However, after they got married Tybalt was waiting for him and wanting revenge for intruding upon their party. Romeo didn't want to fight as they were family but Tybalt didn't know that. Mercutio, however, had other ideas so he fights Tybalt. Romeo then tries to get between them but that wasn't a good idea because it makes Mercutio unfocused and Tybalt stabs him. Romeo now changes his mind and fights Tybalt in an angry outrage and kills him. Romeo changes his mind a lot in the play. He changes his mind about Rosaline; he changes his mind about staying with Juliet and risking being caught, changes his mind about fighting Tybalt and once again changes his mind outside the tomb with Paris. Romeo hears about Juliet's death and rushed back to Verona, he buys a poison to kill himself with. Outside the tomb Romeo is about to kill himself with Juliet but when Paris arrives he believes Romeo is going to do something terrible to the tomb therefore he challenges Romeo to fight and Romeo accepts after changing his mind once again . He then kills Paris and lies him next to Juliet which was his last wish. Inside the tomb Romeo talks to himself as it would be his last. He drinks the poison and dies. Juliet's then wakes and refuses to leave with Friar Laurence then kills her self with Romeo's dagger. It could have been Romeos fault because he killed Tybalt which caused him to be banished and makes Juliet pine for him, however, her father believes Juliet is upset because of ...read more.


So I don't think the nurse had a lot to do with the deaths of Romeo and Juliet. Other than the Friar, she knew more about the plot than anyone. She knew the terrible risk the young girl in her care was taking. I think all Tybalt was doing was what he'd been doing all his life, protecting the family's name. However, as it was Romeo he wanted to fight and I know Mercutio fought Tybalt for his friend but there was no real reason to fight Tybalt or kill Mercutio. If Tybalt didn't kill Mercutio then Romeo wouldn't of killed Tybalt and not be banished to Mantua. I believe if Romeo just walked away then Tybalt still would have run after him, then Juliet would have killed herself as well. When considering who was at fault for the lovers deaths my feelings are that everyone had a part in the love affair. Even if their part was big or small, none of them stopped and thought about what might happen if both families find out. There would be a huge brawl in the streets, so many innocent people would get killed because Romeo and Juliet didnt think of the consequences. Friar Laurence thought that the families would sort their differences out even though they've been arguing for years. Until they had both killed themselves the families never found out. I'm not sure they even truly loved each other; I think they just fancied each other a lot and were overwhelmed with the excitement of being in a relationship with the child of who there families despise so much. ?? ?? ?? ?? 1 ...read more.

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