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Who Is To Blame For The Deaths Of Romeo and Juliet?

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Who Is To Blame For The Deaths Of Romeo and Juliet? The question 'Who is to blame for the deaths of Romeo and Juliet' is hard to answer since there are many interpretations of Shakespeare's plays. However, I think that Friar Laurence was most to blame, though there are a number of other factors and characters to consider. The deaths of Romeo and Juliet seem needless, as it was mainly the people around them who were fighting and arguing. Romeo and Juliet mainly kept away from the fighting and arguing but were affected by the people's actions. Their lives were made miserable but because there were so deeply in love, they took great risks to stay together and this eventually led to their deaths. The prologue at the beginning of the play suggests that fate was to blame, in the words: 'star cross'd lovers' and 'death-mark'd love'. In the play Romeo refers to stars and fate several times. When he does something he shouldn't have done he blames the stars rather than himself. After he kills Tybalt, he realises the seriousness of his action and blames the stars: 'O, I am a fortune's fool'. ...read more.


The Friar also didn't think carefully about his plans as he also rushed them and never thought about the consequences. He wasn't also too confident about his plans: 'this alliance may so happy prove'. He had good goof intentions but his badly thought plan backfired, which led to Romeo and Juliet's deaths. Juliet is also partly to blame as she also goes along with the Friar's plans. She agrees to them because she is distressed and is looking for any way out of her arranged marriage with Paris. 'Give me, give me, give me!' This shows Juliet's desperation and how badly she wants to get out of this problem. She could be partly to blame as she, herself, doesn't think of the consequences. Romeo and Juliet also persuade the Friar in making quick decisions. He is made to make a decision in less than one day about their marriage. In the end, I think the Friar gets too involved and he feels it is up to him to make sure everything goes according to plan and is made to make risky plans on order to achieve this. Because of all his far-fetched plans and ideas, it makes him one of the, if not the most, characters to blame for the deaths of Romeo and Juliet. ...read more.


They should be more civilised about the situation, which could have averted their deaths. I think Shakespeare wants us to blame fate as he has mentioned it several times during the play. When this play was written a lot of people believed in stars as opposed to now. Shakespeare makes the characters blame fate for the all the misfortune that takes place, like Romeo blaming the stars when he killed Tybalt. This strongly indicates the fact that Shakespeare believes in fate and also wants us to blame fate for the tragedy. Even though there is a lot of evidence from of the text that fate is to blame, I think it's the actions of a mixture of characters, the main one being the Friar. In conclusion I think the main character to blame for the tragedy is Friar Laurence. It was his help and plans, which led to all the trouble and later to the couple's death, but Shakespeare wants us to blame fate. I don't agree with him, maybe because nowadays most people tend not to believe in stars. If we blame fate for the tragedy than it would only be sensible to assume that the actions of all the characters were also fated (destined) and therefore I don't think fate was to blame. 1 Adnan Aslam 10s English Coursework ...read more.

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