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Who is to blame for the tragedy of 'Romeo andJuliet'?

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Who is to blame for the tragedy of 'Romeo and Juliet'? The tragedy of the deaths of Romeo and Juliet appears needless, as it was largely the people around them who were fighting and disagreeing about the relationship. Because they were so deeply in love with each other, they refused to be split up and consequently took risks to stay together which ultimately led to their deaths. Juliet is a juvenile Capulet not quite 14 years old; she is tender, faithful, obeys her parents and thinks for herself. After she first meets Romeo she falls for him instantaneously. She is practical in that she swiftly asks Romeo to marry her which would be in opposition to her parents' will as they wish for her to marry Paris but she does not feel affection for him. She is also like Romeo in that she does not imagine of the outcome of her behaviour. Romeo is a adolescent teenager, a member of the Montague household, who unfortunately falls in love with Juliet, a Capulet whose family are bitter enemies of the Montagues. He blames Fate or bad luck for nearly all that goes wrong; after he kills Tybalt, he then realises the seriousness of his action but prefers to blame the stars rather than himself. ...read more.


Juliet was very satisfied to obtain the potion from Friar Laurence "Give me, give me! Oh tell me not of fear! (Act 4 Scene 1) The Friar is a man with good intentions but is persuaded to make chancy decisions by Romeo and Juliet, such as agreeing to marry them lacking their parents' authorization. I imagine he gets too concerned and it is then left up to him to guarantee that the whole thing goes as smoothly as planned. He goes behind the backs of Juliet's parents by agreeing to marry Romeo and Juliet yet he has a fine cause for this. "To turn your households rancour to pure love", to reconcile the two feuding families. Though the Friar is anxious about what he is doing, "These violent delights have violent ends", the plan to settle the families rapidly comes to anguish as Romeo is banished. This occasion he makes a new plan that is as hazardous as the former. Romeo is to go to Mantua where he will then attempt to organize a meeting between Romeo and Juliet. The plan goes incorrectly and he accuses destiny, "Unhappy Fortune". ...read more.


Mercutio is a lively character that tries to resolve Romeo's problems and advise him in a light-hearted way, he says to Romeo, "Thy wit is a very bitter sweeting; it is a most sharp sauce." He is faithful to Romeo in the way he steps in as Tybalt challenges Romeo. His loss is a turning point in the play as Romeo, and then takes revenge of his death by killing Tybalt. I think perhaps that Mercutio ought not have joined in, but being that kind of individual he did. I do not think he can be to given the fault for the tragedy as neither Tybalt or Mercutio knew of Romeo and Juliet's care for each other. What's more Tybalt would almost certainly have battled Romeo anyhow and one of them could have been killed. There is no one person to blame for the deaths, but Friar Laurence had complicated plans which if has gone as first thought would have succeeded but because the letter was not received by Romeo he did not know of the plans, so when Balthasar told him the news he did not know that Juliet had died so he commit suicide. I do not think fate played a part in the tragedy because the characters made too many mistakes. By Sam Fowler ...read more.

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