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Who is to blame for the tragic deaths of the twins in Willy Russell's 'Blood Brothers'?

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Who is to blame for the tragic deaths of the twins in Willy Russell's 'Blood Brothers'? Blood Brothers, a story of twins separated at birth, growing up in completely different environments, but with the same genetic composition, "never knowing that they shared one name, 'till the day they died, when a mother cried, my own dear sons lie slain", is a compelling story of which we will discuss in detail, of who is to blame for their tragic deaths. There are many character in 'Blood Brothers', which can be blamed for the tragic deaths; Mrs.Lyons, the rich, devious woman, Mrs.Johnstone, the under-privileged mother of eight, Sammy, Mickey's brother and his influence, and even superstition and fate. First of all, we will discuss the case of Mrs.Lyons, a vindictive, manipulative woman who has a caring side to her, for the desperation of the love for a child. Indeed she did start all of this deception, by offering to take one of Mrs. Johnstone's baby's and lying to Mrs.Johnstone that she could see her child everyday. She also lied to her husband that the child was theirs and not an adopted baby (as Mr.Lyons hated the fact of adopting children). ...read more.


Did Mrs. Johnstone say this to protect Edward, her son, or did she just have to let out the truth, after so many years, which she could hide no longer, resulting inadvertently in both deaths?! We can now discuss a background character, Sammy, older brother of Mickey, as a potential, capable character of blame. Sammy, vehemently forced Mickey into a 'job', and Mickey accepted because he was desperately in need for money. Thus leading to Mickey getting caught, and being put into prison. If Sammy hadn't forced Mickey to take the 'job', Mickey would not have been in this situation that he faced, and may not have let all of anger out on Edward, when released from prison. Sammy also influenced Mickey, as a child, and Mickey looked up to him as a role-model. This may have been the cause of the twins deaths, establishing that if Sammy had not influenced Mickey into crime and shooting at an earlier age, then Mickey may have not wanted to or would have thought of shooting Edward, "Y' don't get up again if one of these hits y'...it's not a toy y'know (referring to the gun)". ...read more.


Her actions, her rudeness to others, her lying, her cruelty of separating twins all confirm that she was indeed the main 'devil' of the play. "You gave your baby away. Don't you realize what a crime that is. You'll be locked up. You sold your baby." Mrs.Lyons acted in the play, as though she could control everyone around her, which she did manage to achieve, as she controlled Mrs.Johnstone, lying to her that she could see her baby every day, to her husband, by showing others, such as Mickey, what would potentially harm them, or make them feel jealous or hateful, without realizing the consequences of her actions, and what she had done to others, even her own son. She had lied to her own son about who he really was, which I believe to be a very horrid act. Another and the most important reason I believe that she is to blame for the deaths, is the fact that she started all of the treachery and betrayal in the play, which led to many more fraudulent things, and the death of her son. I believe that if she had not started all of this, then no-one would be dead, no-one hurt, and no-one guilty. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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